Before and after: this old patio has been completely transformed using a clever stencil hack

Clever DIY-er gave her patio a Moroccan-inspired makeover using just paint and a stencil - it's so simple

terracotta stencil patio makeover
(Image credit: Hayley Stuart)

Instead of shelling out on expensive new pavers, this patio has been given a terracotta transformation with the help of some paint and stencils.

When it comes to clever patio ideas this is one of our favorites. Hayley Stuart transformed her old patio into a Moroccan-inspired sun-trap filled with warm terracotta shades. It is a super simple hack that anyone can try and home with the help of a stencil and masonry paint. 

Hayley documented the transformation on her Instagram and blog Hayley Stuart Interiors & DIY and the end result is incredible. 

Patio stencil hack makeover

'I love Moroccan decor, especially the riads and rooftop terraces, but ultimately I wanted to create a holiday vibe so that spending time in the garden felt like we had been transported to an exotic country, which felt even more important during this pandemic,' explains Hayley.


black and white patio

(Image credit: Hayley Stuart)

This was actually the second time that Hayley had stenciled her patio, she told However, she learned a lot from creating the original design and used this to give her patio a brand new revamp.

'I originally stenciled my patio and path two years ago,' explains Hayley. 'When nobody else had done it as I couldn’t find any information about painting patio slabs. I had to use my common sense.

'Since then I’ve learned a lot, so as my patio was due a refresh I thought it might be nice to apply the knowledge I’ve gained to repainting it with a new color and pattern.' 


terracotta stencil patio

(Image credit: Hayley Stuart)

The first thing Hayley did when revamping her patio was to give it a thorough clean to prep the surface for the primer. She first painted the patio with Dulux multi surface primer for interior and exterior.

She followed this with two coats of Dulux Weathershield smooth masonry paint in brilliant white using a large masonry roller. Next up was painting on the pattern, which she used Dulux Weathershield masonry paint in Folk Tales for.

terracotta patio

(Image credit: Hayley Stuart)

'I created the pattern using a stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs and the pattern is called Samara,' says Hayley. 'I recently discovered masonry paint needs to be above 10˚C (for 30 days I think) to be able to cure properly, so I have had to wait for the nights to warm up and the rain to stop to be able to do this.'

Hayley finished the design by sealing it with a patio seal to prevent any stains on her newly painted patio.

Hayley topped off her beautiful new stenciled patio with a new pergola that she built with her dad for £350. To finish it off she created drapes from outdoor fabric that she wove in and out of the rafters of the pergola and fastened with a staple gun. 'I plan to install a clear, corrugated roof over the top of them,' explains Hayley.

Terracotta stencil patio

(Image credit: Hayley Stuart)

The pergola was styled out with beautiful finishing touches. She zoned the area using a Turkish rug she had found at an Esty store called Boho Flea Market. The rest of the furniture she found on Facebook marketplace and stacked them high with cushions and blankets. If you are looking for some new outdoor table and chairs our best garden furniture guide is filled with hidden gems.

An outdoor shelving unit was created out of old stacked crates, which she filled with plant pots and plenty of plants mainly from Lidl. She has also included an outdoor room to help bounce light around the space – if you are looking to add a new mirror to your garden take a look at our best garden mirrors guide.

It is these little touches that have turned this space into a truly wonderful outdoor room. 

Rebecca Knight

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