This is the best month to replace a trampoline if you want to bag a bargain

After the stormy weather in the UK, search for trampolines has soared as people look to replace broken or lost garden items

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A trampoline is always a winner with kids around, and they're a great way for them to burn off steam and have fun with friends. If your best trampoline didn't survive storm Eunice or is generally looking worse for wear, it may be worth waiting until the summer to buy a new one for the best deal.

Replacing a trampoline in June could save you over £150, according to a UK price comparison website.

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Best month to replace a trampoline

Price comparison site Idealo has revealed that following the recent storms, search and demand for garden products has increased by a significant 180%. Idealo analyzed the price history of the most popular products, such as garden tables, chairs and storage boxes, as well as slides, swings, and climbing frames.

It found June to be the ideal month to replace your best outdoor furniture and other garden items if you want to get yourself a real bargain. This is based on Ideo's year-on-year price comparison.

According to Ideo, in March, a trampoline cost £358.07. But by April, the average price decreased to £319.66. It fell again in May, to £219.05 and by June a trampoline could be bought for £204.69.

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So holding off from replacing lost or broken trampolines until June could save shoppers over £153. Replacing a garden table in June rather than right now could save consumers £50.41.

Waiting until June might not be ideal if you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces as soon as the weather warms up, however. But if saving money is a priority, it could be worth making do until prices drop in June.

After the bad weather in February, trampolines were the most in-demand garden items, followed by garden tables (up 117%), garden storage boxes (100%), and garden chairs (up 88%).

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large trampoline in backyard

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Ahead of the summer months, now is a good time to look at garden activities for kids that your kids might enjoy, from sandpits to making botanical potions and garden dens. If you can't wait until June, find out where to buy garden furniture that's in stock now with our guide.

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