The Shed of the Year competition is back and open for entries

Here's what to expect from this year's competition – plus, take a look at last year's winning entry

triangular summerhouse cabine
(Image credit: Cuprinol / Keiran Benthan)

It's the moment every gardener with a cool shed has been waiting for – The Cuprinol Shed Of The Year 2022 competition is now open for entries. 

And this year, the competition is set to be more spectacular than ever. After spending nearly two years in our homes and gardens, DIY enthusiasts have had ample time to make their wildest shed ideas a reality, transforming their humble garden sheds into works of art. 

That’s why Cuprinol is predicting that the 16th year of its much-loved Shed of the Year competition will be the most exciting one yet. The competition is currently already open for entries, and you have until Tuesday 19th April to enter.

black and glass shed

Shed of the Year 2021 Finalist

(Image credit: Cuprinol / Paul Richardson)

The acclaimed contest invites entrants to submit their creations in one of the seven categories for the chance to win the prize of  £1,000 and £100 worth of Cuprinol products. This includes the Lockdown category that was introduced last year to recognise the incredible efforts seen during the pandemic.

This year's categories are Budget, Cabin/Summerhouse, Pub & Entertainment, Unexpected/Unique, Workshop/Studio, Nature’s Haven and Lockdown.

Last year's Shed of the Year winner

Danielle Zarb-Cousin was 2021's Cuprinol Shed of the Year winner with her 70s-inspired Creme de Menthe bar. She decorated the shed with one-of-a-kind vintage and charity shop finds. 

Cuprinol Shed of The Year winner 2021

Shed of the Year 2021 winner

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

'Winning Shed of the Year felt amazing!' says Danielle. 'The shed became a real focus for me during a turbulent time in my life and during the first lockdown when there wasn't much to do.'

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Cuprinol adds that every year she is blown away by the imaginative entries. 'Every year the Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition reaffirms just how important our sheds are to us. They’re so much more than just storage space.

'Whether it's a workshop, a place to socialise or a sanctuary away from the house, sheds provide us with a little place of our own and a creative outlet for an individual’s unique artistic vision. Each year we see people push what a shed can be to its limits.'

pub shed

Shed of the year 2021 finalist

(Image credit: Cuprinol / Alex Reynolds)

If you want to enter the competition, you'll need to include a selection of the best photos and video footage of your dazzling designs along with an explanation of your inspiration and what makes your shed stand out.

Entries can be submitted via, the shortlist will then be selected by a panel of judges before the public vote opens to select the nation’s favourite shed for 2022. 

Need some more inspiration for your own garden hideaway? Head over to our she shed ideas for stunning ways to transform your garden shed. 

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