Expert reveals secret lemonade hack to keep your Christmas tree flourishing

This surprising soda trick is the festive treat that will leave your tree flourishing this Christmas

Christmas tree with decorations in a neutral living room
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The question of how to keep your Christmas tree healthy is one that many may ask themselves over the coming weeks. Gardening expert David Domoney has the answer, but it's not what you might expect. 

According to David, the secret to a healthy Christmas tree is full-fat lemonade – and his unconventional hack works on all types of Christmas tree. Sharing his tip on the British TV show This Morning, the green-thumbed guru revealed what you need to know. 

David Domoney's Christmas tree lemonade tip

David Domoney's lemonade tip

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'You've got to treat these cut trees as if they are cut flowers,' David says. When you buy a real Christmas tree, the roots will have been removed – so it is important that your tree is watered regularly. 

After purchasing your tree, he suggests removing a centimeter from the stump to expose fresh tissue. This preparation work will ensure the lemonade hack will work effectively. 

Just as your flowers need feeding, David suggests that your Christmas tree also needs nourishment. This is where the lemonade comes into action and can work a treat for how to keep a Christmas tree alive

'You can use florist's cut flower food, or you can just mix up some sugar water or full-fat lemonade,' David explains. 'That will help keep the tree going.'

IKEA’s real Christmas tree in a decorated home

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While this idea may seem unorthodox, the garden expert explains that sugar is the secret to its success. 'It's an element of food within. You'd be surprised just how much water the tree takes up,' he says. 'Adding a little bit of food keeps them looking fresher.'

But what is the best way to fuel your tree with lemonade? David explains that he usually places his tree in a bucket in his garden for one night and one day 'to soak up as much moisture as possible.' That way, it is fully hydrated before he brings it into his home.

David Domoney's lemonade tip

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Once inside, David warns against putting the tree 'anywhere near the radiator' as it has no benefit at all and will dry them out quickly – even if they've filled up on lemonade. 

While some winter garden ideas are more surprising than others, we're willing to give this one a try. It is David Domoney approved, after all.  

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