Gardening expert David Domoney reveals how to fix a patchy lawn ahead of summer

This Morning's gardening expert shares his tips to get a lawn looking putting-green-perfect in no time

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Gardening expert David Domoney has shared some patchy lawn tips to rescue your lawn as the weather begins to get warmer. Now that the prospect of barbecues with friends is on the horizon, the last thing you want is a lawn looking less than its best this summer. 

In a recent appearance on ITV’s This Morning, horticulturist David Domoney outlined some simple lawn ideas to help even out patches. The gardening guru began by pointing out that it’s still a little early to put grass seed down, but early March is the perfect time to plan for your perfect lawn.

‘Now’s the time to start thinking about the lawn and getting it ready,’ he said. ‘Buy the grass seed and start planning what you want to do, and you’ll have your lawn looking beautiful by the time family and friends visit.’

how to fix a patchy lawn

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David recommended focusing on the positives of your lawn, highlighting how we tend to look at our grass and notice what’s wrong with it. Even if it’s patchy, he says that there will be a lot of areas where the grass is growing. He also reassures viewers that it’s normal for grass to be uneven at this time of year. ‘As it grows – if you feed it – it does become better,’ he says.

how to fix a patchy lawn

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How to fix a patchy lawn 

His first piece of advice for spring lawn care tips is to use a garden fork to push into the soil, creating space for air. ‘If you are preparing a lawn that’s got patches you really need to fork up and loosen the soil. You want to get more air into the soil itself.’ 

Next, he advises mixing compost with grass seed, to eventually put down over the patches - this is called over-seeding. ‘What I normally do is get hold of some peat-free compost, put that into a bucket or pot, and then I mix the grass seed in amongst the compost.’ By combining grass seed with compost, you make the seeds harder for birds to reach. However, it's worth waiting until it's a little warmer later on in spring before sowing any grass seeds.

how to fix a patchy lawn

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His final tip to get the perfect lawn is to ‘make sure it’s watered and not walked upon when it starts to grow’ – so with careful watering and a bit of patience, the new grass will establish itself quite well.

For the summer months, treating yourself to the best garden sprinkler might come in handy in maintaining your revitalised lawn.

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