David Domoney exclusively shares his top pest repellent tip

The gardening guru shares his best natural pest repellent tip that promises to give you a healthy and vibrant garden buzzing with life

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Expert gardener David Domoney has exclusively shared his top pest repellent tip. Whether you want to find out how to get rid of aphids after spotting the sap-sucking bugs on your vegetable patch, or are wondering about natural methods for controlling slugs and snails – the horticulturist's secret will help to keep your space free from intruders.

David Domoney is an author, broadcaster, and gardener with many years of experience in the world of plant care and garden design.

blue tit eating a caterpillar

A blue tit eating a caterpillar

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David Domoney's top pest repellent tip

'The best way to repel pests in your garden is by using the force of nature itself,' David Domoney tells us. 'Encouraging and supporting hedgehogs in your garden can help keep pests at bay, as they love eating slugs and caterpillars. 

'Enabling a prospering ladybird population can also help, as they eat a lot of greenfly and aphids. Frogs, toads, and birds are also pretty good slug eaters too,' David adds.

So, as the gardening expert explains, when we support certain creatures that we enjoy seeing in our gardens, they will act as garden 'bouncers' and keep pests under control.

celebrity gardener David Domoney in garden centre

Celebrity gardener David Domoney

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David Domoney's natural pest repellent tip obviously takes a more holistic approach and requires a little more patience than just buying some slug killer. But this is a much better option for an eco-friendly garden and might mean we end up with an exciting variety of wildlife visiting our outdoor spaces, creating a richer and more vibrant garden. 

Successfully learning how to attract birds to your garden will not only help reduce the number of slugs around, but also brings the simple daily pleasure of looking out for busy sparrows and blue tits while drinking your morning cup of tea. 

So, if you want to get rid of slugs, specifically, invite in:

  • Birds
  • Frogs
  • Toads
  • Hedgehogs

Ladybird eating aphids

A ladybird eating aphids

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If aphids or greenfly are the problem, find ways to welcome in ladybirds. These natural predators also eat thrips, mealy bugs and scale insects.

Providing a water source and some form of shelter are two of the main wildlife garden ideas you can include in your plot to encourage birds, ladybirds, and hedgehogs. 

David Domoney shared his top pest repellent tip with us as part of his work with The Ideal Home Show.

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