The one plant David Domoney will be buying as a gift this Christmas

We asked garden experts how to make sure yours looks good all year round

silver holly with white edges and red berries
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David Domoney has revealed one plant that makes for a great Christmas gift: the Silver Holly. Potted up with some cyclamen or trailing ivy, he says this easy-to-grow plant looks striking in outdoor spaces.

So if you're looking for last-minute Christmas gifts for gardeners, or indeed yourself, this could be a great choice. We asked experts how to care for it and where best to put it.

silver holly with white edges and red berries

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David Domoney's festive plant gift recommendation

David Domoney is a horticulturist, author, and TV host from Love Your Garden who also appears on This Morning. The gardening expert recommends the Handsworth New Silver Holly or Ilex Aquifolium as a larger gift for the garden. 

On his blog (opens in new tab), he says this easy-to-grow silver-edged holly smothered in orange-red berries looks spectacular displayed in decorative containers. 'They make a wonderful gift placed either side of the front door or on the garden patio,' he says. 

To make these container gardening ideas extra special, David says, you could 'plant cyclamen and trailing ivies around the base of the holly stem.' This is a lovely way to add interest and color.

silver holly with white edges and red berries

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Evie Lane, Gardening Expert at Primrose (opens in new tab), says that this plant is a great gift option as it is easy to look after. She adds that the 'Silver Queen' variety attracts bees, insects and butterflies – great if you're looking for bee-friendly plants for your plot. 

'They make for eye-catching focal points in the garden when trimmed into pyramid shapes and potted – but are versatile enough to make dense intruder-proof hedges too,’ says Evie. 'It's hardiness means it needs minimal care, with light pruning either in late winter or early spring so that new growth can emerge later on in spring months.

broadcaster and gardener David Domoney

Broadcaster and gardener David Domoney

(Image credit: Alamy)

Evie recommends you cut branches back to branch union to promote air circulation and prevent over crowding, disposing of any dead leaves as you go. As for where to put Silver Holly, they're best grown in an area that receives full sun or is only lightly shaded.

You can't get more festive than holly and ivy – will you be incorporating some Silver Holly into your garden this year?

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