8 beautiful garden gifts that are perfect for your outdoorsy Valentine

These garden gifts are perfect for those who love investing time into their green space — and for anyone you love unconditionally!

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Garden gifts can show a loved one just how much you care — and allow them to make a tangible change to their outdoor space that will bring them happiness whilst outdoors. Whether it's something that will come to fruition as spring and summer approaches, like a seedbox, or something you can treasure straight away, such as a houseplant, there's nothing better than a wonderful garden-related gift to brighten things up. Especially if the recipient has a green thumb, even more so if they are super outdoorsy like us.

From small gestures for a friend to bigger gifts (such as a delightful pizza oven) for your significant other that you can share, there is such a wide range of items that you can wrap up and hand over to make your loved one happy. 

We've included all of our favorite outdoor picks, so all you have to do is work out which is the most suitable for the recipient of your gift, especially as Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day are both approaching.

8 excellent garden gift ideas for Valentine's Day 2022

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1. This flower kit is personalized with a bloom for every month

2. American Plant Exchange Endless Foliage Box

3. This mushroom log kit is a unique gift - perfect for foragers and fungi lovers

4. This bug hotel is a ready to go garden gift to make someone's day

5. Give the gift of taste with this wonderful salsa grow kit

6. This garden gift allows for stylish seed storage

7. This pizza oven is the ultimate garden gift looking ahead to summer nights

8. Make tending to plants more comfortable with this kneeler garden gift

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