How often should you change hot tub water? It's likely to be more often than you think

Changing your hot tub water regularly is essential, but how often is often enough? We've asked the experts

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How often should you change hot tub water? Hot tubs have been a backyard savior this past year for those of us lucky to have them, but they do require regular maintenance. 

Learning how to clean a hot tub and and topping the water up with chlorine is very important for keeping your hot tub safe for use, but how often should you drain the hot tub completely and refill it with fresh water? 

How often should you change hot tub water?

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We've asked hot tub experts from BISHTA, and their recommendation is that 'water should ideally be changed a minimum of every month and an absolute maximum of three months to maintain water quality.' So, forget about the 3-6 months figure you often see online – that's far too long to not change your hot tub water. 

Sallie Leslie-Golding from BISHTA commented: 'Hot tubs are very small bodies of water with relatively high bathing loads. As water is used and recirculated, water treatment products and other particulates that aren't removed by the filters build up over time, and there comes the point when even though correct water maintenance regimes are applied, the water looks and feels "lank and lifeless", and the only corrective action remaining is to drain the hot tub down and refill.'

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 How do you clean a hot tub without draining it?

This is mainly a question for maintaining water cleanliness in between draining. Experts at say: 'Making sure the pH levels are between 7.2-7.8 is the easiest way to clean a hot tub without draining it. However this only delays the issues of dirty water until you must drain it. Therefore, this should only be used as a short-term solution, and if the water looks dirty then it should be drained.'

As much as it is a hassle to drain your hot tub, you must do it every month – and sooner if the water is dirty. Dirty hot tub water is not just unpleasant to bathe in but may well make you sick, so definitely don't chance it with your hot tub ideas.  

Hot Tub installed by BISHTA Member: Falcon Pools

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