The three paint colors you need to liven up your garden this summer, according to experts

Take note before you smarten up your deck or fence

terracotta pots and plants up against a coral painted wall
(Image credit: Charlotte Young PR)

A fresh lick of paint works wonders in any outdoor space, and the right background tone can complement the colors of your favorite plants. The best exterior wood paint will breathe life into a tired-looking trellis, fence or shed. 

Not sure what to go for? Experts Rob Abraham and Rob Green from Coat Paints (opens in new tab) reveal the three hues you need to liven up your garden this summer.

1. Create a holiday feel with coral

coral coat paint on wall with potted tree

(Image credit: Coat Paints)

Corals and peaches can bring a bold splash of color against green garden plants. These rich, apricot tones add warmth to your exterior walls and happen to complement standard terracotta pots, making it look like they were all part of the plan.

Pair a coral wall or pergola with the best garden furniture and outdoor cushions in contrasting turquoise shades to bring a tropical feel to your outdoor space. At a time when we're all craving escapism, warm pink tones are sure to uplift guests all through the garden party season.

2. Go for soothing green

green painted wall with a glass door leading inside

(Image credit: Coat Paints)

Painting wooden surfaces green will blur the boundaries of your garden, creating the illusion of more space. For alfresco evenings in the garden, hang festoon lighting against your dark green backdrop and add some hurricane lamps to create an atmospheric outdoor haven.

Alternatively, the experts from Coat Paints suggest going for something more subtle like a pale jade shade that pairs perfectly with pink plants like dahlias, zinnias or azaleas.

3. Try uber-trendy off-black

outdoor living space with black patio doors

(Image credit: Future)

Black is often recommended for fences and furniture as it causes them to recede back and makes your plants the focus. A black or off-black fence is a great small garden idea as, much like dark green, it takes the focus away from the edges of your space.

We think a lot about garden color schemes when choosing what to plant in the ground and when shopping for outdoor furniture. However, a painted area, big or small, is an effective way to create interest. 

You could simply give your shed a refresh with our vibrant shed paint ideas – its large surface area has lots of potential for bringing some joyful color to your outdoor space.

Or, if you have a wall, fence, or gate that's visible from the kitchen, paint it in a vibrant hue like coral to give yourself a mood boost while washing up.

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