6 shed paint ideas: quick and easy ways to give your garden shed a new look

Breathe new life into your garden shed with these original paint ideas we're excited to copy

a painted shed in a country garden with lots of flowrrs
(Image credit: Harris Brushes)

What's your favourite part of your garden? We bet not many of you are thinking about your shed right now. But that needn't be the case! With the potential to be so much more than just a practical storage unit, our sheds can be attractive design feature in their own right. 

In a bid to show our all-too-often neglected sheds some love, we're sharing our top six paint ideas of the moment. From the subtle to the striking, it's about time we throw away the garden shed rule book for a design that enhances, rather than detracts from, our garden scheme. Don't have a shed yet? Discover the best sheds on the market right now. Or check out these garden design ideas for more inspiration.

1. Go dark and let your greenery take centre stage 

a shed painted in black with a sofa and art prints

(Image credit: @e.t.shown_home)

Black paint in the garden is having a moment, and if you're thinking this is far too dark for your shed, think again! A black background will make plants and flowers stand out louder and prouder than ever before. If you're painting a she shed like this stylish design by @e.t.shown_home, choosing black for the interiors gives a cosy, cocooning feel for a relaxing garden hideaway too.  

2. Highlight your windows with a vibrant colour

she shed with yellow doors and astro turf flooring

(Image credit: Waltons)

If your shed is blessed with attractive windows, transform them into a statement focal point by painting them a vibrant shade. The full-length windows on this shed by Waltons are brought to life by the striking yellow paint colour, which stands out boldly from the grey base. From inside, the yellow paint will create a warm, sunny glow, which is an added bonus if your shed is a living space too. 

3. Get those seaside vibes with nautical stripes

Cuprinol shed of the year: A shed painted with light blue and white stripes

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

Craving the seaside but not keen on a long car journey and packed beaches? Create your very own holiday at home by painting your shed in beach hut–inspired stripes. It's a fun and quirky way to give your outside space a whole new look. Go all out with nautical accessories too for a garden that oozes fun. This design was shortlisted for Cuprinol's Shed of the Year, and we can certainly see why! 

4. Choose green to blend in

a painted shed in a country garden with lots of flowers

(Image credit: Harris Brushes)

If your garden is on the smaller side and packed with flowers, going green with your shed is a great way to help it blend into the background and make your space feel bigger. Choose a shade of green that will work well with your plants for a space that's easy on the eye, without taking the focus away from your plants. We're loving these patterned curtains too, perfect for keeping all that shed paraphernalia out of sight. 

5. Create character with Tudor style monochrome

she shed transformed into a gin bar with bunting and deck chairs

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

Wishing you lived in a cute timber framed country cottage? Paint yourself a mini version for that quintessential English country garden feel, in any outside space. Go for a white base, black stripes and black roof for a nod to past design. We love how this shed is used as a gin bar, a very timely design choice we wish we'd copied months ago! 

6. Embrace your creative side with all over pattern 

a shed painted blue with lots of decorative pattern and flowers, used as an art studio

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

If you're a budding artist, why not let your shed become your canvas for a larger- than-life piece of alfresco artwork? This floral design was another shortlist for Cuprinol's Shed of the Year competition, and is the perfect exterior for this artist's studio. While an intricate pattern like this may not be achievable for everyone, there are many stencils available (check out Dizzy Duck Designs) to make the job much easier, or you could even hire an artist, such as Lucy Tiffney, for a professional, bespoke creation.

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