Five garden experts reveal what will be in their shopping baskets this Black Friday

Before you start trawling the sales, this is what the gardening insiders are keeping their eyes out for

Collection of garden tools in a herb garden
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Garden experts have revealed the items they'll be keeping an eye out for in the Black Friday sales this year.

Black Friday can be a great time to snap up some great deals. To help navigate the world of Black Friday garden deals, Gardeningetc caught up with the figures at the top of the industry to discover what they're really picking up this week.

From a winter pruner to Niwaki garden tools, this is what the insiders are bookmarking for the big day. Will you follow suit? If there's ever a time to invest, it is now. 

1. A battery chainsaw

Battery powered saw cutting through a fruit tree

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The RHS'sChief Horticulturist Guy Barter is investing in a battery chainsaw, following the success of his 'invaluable' battery-powered long-handled pruner. 

'I have much heavy pruning to do this winter. I did some last winter with my bow saw, and a pruning saw, which was very hard work,' Guy shares. 'Happily, I already have eye protection, sturdy industrial trousers, and thick gloves.'

According to the horticulturist, investing in a battery chainsaw is a sustainable gardens solution that is better for the environment than the petrol alternative. 'I already have a petrol chainsaw, but I am frightened of it, and it is not very green,' he adds. 

6 Inch Electric Battery Chainsaw by Flanagan | £89.99 on Amazon

6 Inch Electric Battery Chainsaw by Flanagan | £89.99 on Amazon

Battery chainsaws similar to those that Guy uses are available on Amazon. The saw is suitable for wood cutting and municipal greening projects. We especially love how it acts as a sustainable alternative to the petrol cutter. 

2. A Niwaki Hori Hori Japanese trowel 

Herb garden with plants and garden tools

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The Balcony Gardener, Isabelle Palmer, is reinvesting in the tool that she labels as a garden must-have – a Niwaki Hori Hori Japanese Trowel available from Wood & Meadow, however, you can also find a similar version at Primrose. This multi-functional carbon steel blade is amongst Isabelle's favorite garden tools, and all for a good reason. 

'[It's] so easy to use for a multitude of purposes in the garden, digging, cutting dividing, pruning,' Isabelle explains. 'I won't be without one.' And neither will we.

3. Biodegradable leaf mold bags

Collection of garden tools in a herb garden

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Ellie Edkins, the designer behind the Hot Tin Roof Garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, says that she's picking up some biodegradable leaf mould bags that are 'made from 100% biodegradable jute [to] create leaf mould for next year.' The designer adds that, alongside their sustainable assets, they are also good for 'saving some pennies on mulch from the garden center.' 

'I've just bought a leaf grab actually because my graveled garden is consistently covered in leaves this time of year, and picking them up myself is stressful due to my holly bush,' Ellie adds.

If you're learning how to make leaf mould this year, then get these on your shopping list. 

Biodegradable leaf sacks | £12.99 on Amazon

Biodegradable leaf sacks | £12.99 on Amazon
These biodegradable leaf sacks will allow you to follow Ellie's lead this week – and there are many reasons to get involved. These Leaf Sacks make composting leaves much more efficient and we love that we can use the produce as a soil improver in our gardens. 

4. Camassia Blue Melody bulbs 

Camassia Blue Melody flowers

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Similarly, RHS Chelsea Flower Show alumni Alan Williams (who designed The Parsley Box Sanctuary Garden) shares that he too is looking for any deals on his favorite Niwaki garden tools (find them at Amazon)

However, he isn't stopping with these Japanese pieces. Instead, he is 'on the hunt for any offers on Camassia Blue Melody bulbs' that he plans to plant in his garden. 

Camassia Blue Melody bulbs | £8.99 on Amazon

Camassia Blue Melody bulbs | £8.99 on Amazon
Similar seeds are listed on Amazon, where you can follow Alan's example and introduce a new addition to your wildflower garden or meadow. These flowers will appear in summer, so you can be sure that colorful days are coming. 

5. Pruning secateurs 

Woman hands with gardening shears cutting red rose of bush, close-up

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What will the owner of an olive tree institution order this Black Friday? A set of the best secateurs for pruning, naturally. 

The figure behind Villaggio Verde, Jason Hales, revealed that he will renew ten pruning secateurs in preparation for pruning their olive trees in April 2022. Because, while Black Friday is this week, 2022's garden design ideas are never too far out of mind. 

Housolution Pruning Shears | £7.99 on Amazon

Housolution Pruning Shears | £7.99 on Amazon
We particularly love these Housolution Pruning Shears. They shears are made from high carbon steel with ultra-fine polishing technology, so you can cut away without damage. The handles are designed to fit neatly in your hands, which is another plus. 

Let the shopping commence. 

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