This space-enhancing patio tip will create the illusion of a larger garden

The secret to a spacious garden starts with the floor – and this tile trick is the best place to begin

Large paving/tiles in a garden
(Image credit: Cortina stone 120cm x 120cm by Stone & Ceramic Warehouse /Photo by

The question of how to accentuate space is a provocative debate amongst designers – both inside and outside the home. However, whilst the debate endures in the interiors industry, garden experts may have found the answer to the question.

According to landscapers, the first step to creating the illusion of space in the garden begins with the floor – or, more specifically – your tile choice. 

If you’re refreshing your paving ideas or looking for a way to make your small garden feel bigger, this expert-approved tip will struggle to go out of style. Here the designers share what you need to know. 

The expert secret to creating the illusion of space with tiles 

Large paving tiles in a garden

(Image credit: Quorn Stone)

When choosing a space-enhancing tile, Isabel Fernandez, the Director at Quorn Stone, suggests opting for a large paver size (such as 900 x 600mm or 800 x 800mm). Tiles of this size minimize grout lines, which is the key to making the space feel bigger. 

‘The larger the paver, the less grout, and therefore it helps to create a seamless space that isn’t broken up by numerous grout lines,’ she says. 

‘We also recommend choosing a grout color that is a close color match to the paver itself,’ Isabel adds. ‘This helps the grout to blend in with the pavers and gives the illusion of a larger area.’

Leigh Price, the Co-Director of Real Stone & Tile, emphasizes Isabel’s tip for small gardens, suggesting that ‘fewer grout lines contribute to the feel of a flowing, uninterrupted space.’ Meanwhile, small and patterned tiles produce a ‘busy effect’ that makes the space feel more compact. 

Large paving tiles in a garden

(Image credit: Quorn Stone)

‘Small tiles naturally require more grout, and lots of grout lines end up accentuating every break between tiles. This gives the impression of a smaller, busier space, as the eye ends up stopping at every grout line rather than viewing the whole space as one,’ she says. 

Similarly, Jo Oliver, the Director of The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse, adds that removing grout lines will offer a ‘continuous, uninterrupted finish.’ So, you can experiment with the sleek style of these modern paving ideas whilst accentuating the size of your garden in the process. 

‘Using oversized tiles in a small space tricks the eye into thinking that the area is much bigger than it really is, creating a sense of scale,’ Jo adds.

Large tiles in a garden

(Image credit: Quorn Stone)

This tip is now at the peak of our small garden layout ideas. We’re investing in large tiles as we speak. 

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