The garden feature that could devalue your home, according to new research

A large water feature that requires upkeep can put off potential buyers, Samantha Richards warns

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Longer, lighter days are coming, and the first hints of spring are getting us excited to spend more time in our outdoor spaces, and to perhaps give our gardens a revamp. Unless you're in your forever home, it's worth bearing in mind that not all garden design ideas will go down well with potential buyers. 

Samantha Richards from Gazeboshop has warned against installing a large water feature, as this could devalue your home by several thousand pounds. 

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A large water feature could devalue your home

New research shows that certain garden changes can land sellers in hot water if their actions have devalued their homes. Water feature ideas are great for creating a relaxing sound, aesthetic appeal and a soothing atmosphere.

However, Samantha points out that the main reason for a homeowner to install a large water feature is for their personal enjoyment. For buyers, a feature such as a Koi pond has significant ongoing maintenance costs, which they might see as a red flag. 

The water, chemicals, electricity, and fish food all need to be paid for, and so this might not appeal to the general public. Depending on their size, it is estimated that certain water features can knock up to £8,000 off an asking price.

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This time of year a popular time for people to invest in the best garden furniture, and spend time sprucing up their outdoor spaces. But a large water feature that needs a lot of upkeep is to be avoided if your home's going on the market any time soon.

Samantha says 'installing large features that require a lot of maintenance, such as ponds with electric pumps,' could devalue your home. She adds that water features that are difficult to remove, for example, a fountain set into hard paving, could also be a sticking point with buyers.

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Water features can be a lovely addition, whether you're planning out some Zen garden ideas or want to create an outdoor living space that feels restful. Water will attract wildlife and adds another dimension to your yard through sound. 

The good news is there are lots of homemade water feature ideas you can DIY. These are cost-effective, plus you can take them with you if you move. 

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