The mini Christmas tree trend that is going to be everywhere this year

Bring festive cheer with a mini potted fir this holiday season

mini christmas tree decorated with festive lights and decorations
(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

We've noticed the mini Christmas tree trend is gathering speed this year as people embrace cute potted firs. To find out why miniature trees are having such a moment, and how best to look after one, we spoke to some experts.

Whether they become one of your favorite types of Christmas tree for decorating outdoors in 2021 and years to come, or you keep yours tucked indoors for a seasonal display, they're a quick way to sprinkle some festive spirit.

mini christmas tree decorated with festive lights and decorations

The Winter Walk Tree, £45, Bloom & Wild

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

The mini Christmas tree trend

Olivia Harvey is Director of Range & Merchandising at Bloom & Wild. Having worked at the online florist for over seven years, she knows what's what when it comes to the biggest botanical Christmas trends.

'We know our mini trees are really special. And so do our customers,' she tells us. 'Between mid-November and mid-December last year, one was snapped up every 30 seconds.'

Olivia comments that as soon as December arrives, people want to get their home feeling festive ASAP. December 1st sees a rush of tiny tree deliveries, with customers searching eagerly for Bloom & Wild mini trees in the three months before Christmas.

This year Bloom & Wild's mini Christmas trees has five different designs to choose from, with prices starting at £27.

mini christmas tree decorated with festive lights and decorations

Minimalist Tree, £27, Bloom & Wild

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Decorating a miniature Christmas tree or two brings some festive magic to your front door or driveway when used as part of your outdoor Christmas decor ideas

Plus, for many living in small urban apartments, it's an easy way to welcome in the Christmas spirit without overwhelming their indoor space. As Kyle Tobin, owner of Christmas Lights Toronto notes, they also make for a great 'Instagram moment' for taking cute photos of children and pets at Christmas.

If you're feeling inspired by the mini Christmas tree trend, Kyle has some tips for making yours look great. 'Focus on one area and create a beautiful, thorough display,' he says.

mini christmas tree decorated with festive lights and decorations

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

'Used in a big space, these trees are going to look minuscule and they are not going to shine,' adds Kyle. 'Instead, you need to focus on small areas for these trees in order to make the most of them.' 

The good news is that when it comes to how to keep a Christmas tree alive, mini varieties tend to last longer than a larger cut tree. 'Just don't let them get too hot as they'll drop their needles if placed too close to a radiator or fireplace,' warns Morag Hill, the co-founder of The Little Botanical.

Small, easy to care for and lightweight enough to move around the house over the festive season. What's not to love?

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