Monty Don shares the secret to healthy houseplants in winter

Our indoor plants have a hard time when the heating's on - help them with this daily care tip

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Monty Don has revealed a secret to healthy houseplants in winter. The celebrity gardener recently shared a short video online in which he tells fans that liberal misting will keep plants happy through the coldest months.

Caring for indoor plants in winter is a commitment – take note of Monty's tips so yours don't dry out when the boiler's working overtime to keep things warm.

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Monty Don says that when the weather is bad outside, it's time for getting cozy indoors. Which, inevitably, means turning up the central heating. 

However, a warm room with radiators blasting out heat is not the ideal environment for our best indoor plants. In the Instagram video (opens in new tab), Monty comments that the quickest way to kill a houseplant is to overwater it. 

But, if the air is too dry, then plants can really suffer. The celebrity gardener says that the air in your home is bound to be a little dry for your plants' liking if you find your skin or eyes feel dry when the heating is on.

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Monty Don

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Monty Don's secret to healthy houseplants in winter

But, there's an easy solution — Monty Don recommends investing in a good quality spray gun, available at Amazon (opens in new tab). 'The secret is to give plants a generous spray, at least once a day,' he says.

He says it only takes about a minute. If you have lots of soft furnishings or wood, it could be worth transporting plants to the bathroom, moving them entirely, or putting towels down.

'If the foliage is running with water, that will keep them happy and healthy when your house is toasty and warm,' Monty Don adds. So it's not just a quick blitz, but a thorough misting to cover leaves with water.

houseplants in winter with candle

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If you try this, don't use your spray gun on any succulents or plants with furry leaves, and remember that you will still need to water them when the soil starts to feel dry. Read up on watering plants if you're not totally sure what you're doing.

If you often fight over the thermostat setting in your household, Monty Don's secret to healthy houseplants is a good excuse to turn the heating down. It's also worth noting that almost all indoor plants go into a period of dormancy in winter.

So, if your favorite pothos doesn't seem to be sprouting new leaves as often as usual, don't worry. Considering humidity levels and misting as often as you can will certainly go a long way.

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