The 5 best indoor plants to care for within your home

These are the best indoor plants to suit your bedroom, bathroom or living space

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The best indoor plants will not only spruce up your home, bringing the gifts of nature within your walls but also have benefits that range from boosting your mood to relieving stress. There are certain plants that we would recommend when it comes to indoor living, many of which have essential features that make them standout choices. That includes being able to survive, and hopefully thrive in low light, and being a little less maintenance for those who love having a plant adorn their space, but perhaps aren't so good at remembering to look after it. 

Adding a plant to your house can be enriching to your life - if done correctly - and these wonderful picks make the process of bringing your indoor garden ideas to life a little bit easier. They can also draw attention to a cherished corner or section of your home, and add an irreplaceable sense of vitality to your entire decor. 

If you don't have the space for a blooming balcony or garden, these indoor plants will give you that dose of greenness you're looking for, and make your day brighter. 

5 of the best indoor plants to incorporate into your home

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What is the optimum temperature for indoor plants?

Though the specifics will vary depending on which type of plant you're caring for, according to research from PlumbNation, the optimal room temperature for house plants, in general, is around 23.9 degrees Celsius/ 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Though certain plants need more specific temperatures, this is a good estimate for houseplants overall. 

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Everyone has a different preference when it comes to adding the next plant to their indoor plant ideas, so it's understandable if you're still in search of your perfect plant match. 

So whether you're looking for the best plants for bathrooms, the best low maintenance indoor plants or even low light indoor plants, these are our favorite retailers for browsing more houseplants. 

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