The Bridgerton-inspired gardening trend that's set to be big in 2023

The New Victorian garden trend will be huge in 2023, according to a garden trends forecaster

white picket fence and decorative gate leading to a cottage garden
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Next year we’ll be embracing traditional garden plants such as roses, lilacs, hydrangeas and hollyhocks, according to a trend forecaster who has been looking at the key garden trends that are set to be big for the year ahead. 

Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer and trend spotter for Monrovia garden centers, says that the New Victorian garden trend will be one of the most popular looks for 2023. 

'Blame it on Bridgerton,' says Katie, referencing the popular Netflix series which has inspired decadence and delight in gardens. 'This trend is an elevated maximized version of cottage gardens. These classic, pretty plants bring a sense of history and tradition without the slight chaos of the typical cottage design.'

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What is the New Victorian garden trend?

Though the New Victorian trend is casual and rambling, it's not disorganized, stresses Katie: 'The trend is punctuated with romantic garden accents such as white fences, gravel or brick pathways, birdbaths, and stone planters.'

The New Victorian garden will typically have a more relaxed, informal feel than a traditional cottage garden, but still use strong lines and structured planting to create an ordered look, says garden expert Lindsey Hyland at advice website Urban Organic Yield.

'Key elements in creating a New Victorian garden are drama, structure and color,' says Lindsey. 'Gardeners will often landscape with evergreens to create structure all year round, incorporating dramatic features such as ponds and statues to make their garden stand out.'

pinkroses growing over a white picket fence

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Pastel color scheme

We’re also looking at 'a feminine palette of pink, purple, and white flowers, such as hydrangeas and roses, along with delicate fern-like foliage,' says Katie.

'Hydrangeas and roses represent a kind of dream garden,' says garden designer Leeann Lavin at Duchess Designs. 'Folks have long loved them. Places like The Hamptons and Nantucket, to name a few, have almost built a brand on them.   

'I suggest this is an enduring desirable garden design, that yes, can be heightened by cinema or popular culture, but it's always been a favorite garden look.'

Rosa rugosa Seaside Swirl Blush pink rose in bloom

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Fragrant flowers

Glorious clouds of scent are a key part of the New Victorian appeal. 'Fragrant roses, such as the Eau de Parfum Bubbly Fragrant RoseSeaside Swirl Pink Rugosa rose, or the Heavenly Ascent Pink climbing rose (all available from Monrovia),'  are amongst Katie’s recommendations.

'Purple flowers such as the Seaside Serenade Crystal Cove Hydrangea and Arctic Falls Campanula [from Monrovia] also add visual impact to the New Victorian garden.'

Will you be introducing the New Victorian garden trend to your outdoor space in 2023?

Jayne Dowle
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Jayne Dowle is an award-winning gardening, homes and property writer who writes for publications including Sunday Times Home, Times Bricks & Mortar, Grand Designs, House Beautiful and The Spectator. She was awarded the Garden Journalist of the Year accolade at the Property Press Awards in 2021.