These outdoor Christmas decorations could stop you selling your home, experts warn

If your home is on the market, less is definitely more when it comes to Christmas decorations

outdoor Christmas lights outside a home, with light-up reindeer and penguin
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Could your outdoor Christmas decorations stop you selling your home? Experts in the real estate industry warn that certain festive lights and decorations could indeed make it harder to shift your property.

Some fun outdoor Christmas decor ideas bring a lot of festive cheer this time of year, but if your home is on the market, it's worth picking them carefully.


reindeer Christmas outdoor lights in front of a cosy home in the snow

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Bob Scott, founder of Missouri-based land buying company Sell Land strongly warns against having Santa and reindeer ornaments. 'Christmas decorations do no good in improving a home's value,' says Bob. 

'In fact, it can do the opposite.' He says it's important to stage your house in a sophisticated way, which means 'no Santa and reindeers.' 

It's not just Santa and Rudolph who aren't welcome, as Bob says it's best to avoid exterior decorations altogether. There's always next year...


colorful outdoor lights in red, green, blue and orange on a black string

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It seems like we should steer clear of anything too colorful if we are trying to sell our house around Christmas. Colby Short, founder and CEO at real estate company Get Agent says that 'colored, flashing lights' could put potential buyers off. 

Instead of picking anything too vivid, he recommends you 'opt for a more tailored and sophisticated palette with white lights.' This will create a more neutral aesthetic that will appeal to the masses, he says. 

It's a no-brainer that subtle outdoor Christmas lighting ideas will work better than bright, multi-colored lights fixed on a quick motion setting.


LED pop up snowman with top hat

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As well as over-the-top blow-up Santas and light-up reindeer, snowmen are also to be avoided, according to Dan Beaulieu, real estate agent and founder of Burlington House Buyers.

Dan says these will take the focus away from your house. 'Instead, you can decorate with simple things such as ribbons, wreaths, and glass baubles,' he suggests.

So as far as Dan is concerned, as long as your outdoor Christmas decorations are low-key and traditional, there's room for some festive ornaments.

Some outdoor decorations bring real magic and charm to your Christmas porch decor ideas, but as much as we love going all out and making the neighbors smile, it's important to keep potential buyers in mind.

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