Sarah Raven launches new houseplant range – and names her favourite indoor plants

The gardening guru expands to houseplants – from familiar favourites to more unusual species

House plant and watering can on sunny window sill
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Sarah Raven is known as an expert gardener and author, and now she is launching a brand new houseplant range that will include some of the gardening guru's favourite indoor plants.

The collection launched on 13th September and features some of the best indoor plants for both style and ease of care. 

houseplants displayed in window

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Sarah said: 'I’m thrilled to launch our new range of houseplants, which bring colour, elegance and wellbeing to our customers’ homes. We’ve developed a reputation for excellent garden plants, and this indoor range offers the same unwavering attention to quality and health. Indoor plants in colourful pots can enhance the appearance of any room and are also proven to boost your mood and improve air quality.'

Sarah has emphasised the choice available in the range, pointing out that 'whether you choose flowering houseplants, trailing plants to position on shelves or hang from the ceiling, large plants to add drama and structure, or small pots for your desk or bedside, a houseplant will bring a little of the outside, in.' 

Interior with ZZ plant in side foreground and blurred background of bookshelf and wall

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In terms of the individual plants that you can expect, Sarah has named her favourite houseplants that she predicts will be the most popular in the range. Her ultimate top choice is the ZZ plant, which she says is 'one of the easiest houseplants to look after so is great for beginners or people who want to add some green to their home with little fuss.' 

If you want to maximise the styling potential of the ZZ plant in your indoor garden, Sarah suggests positioning it 'in a living or dining space to provide some drama.'

Begonia 'Gryphon'

Begonia 'Gryphon'

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Sarah's other favourites that will instantly elevate your indoor plant ideas include The Begonia Gryphon, 'a more unusual houseplant; one I chose to add to the collection due to its interesting foliage. It is compact enough for the home and still very simple to keep healthy.'

For Sarah, it's all about exploring how different houseplants fit into different locations in the home, and confesses she loves seeing houseplants used in a bathroom to add some natural textures and tones to the room. 'A Blue Star plant is easy enough to look after and will thrive in a bathroom’s humid conditions.'

If you want the perfect home office plant, choose 'The Chinese Money plant or the Monstera – a classic yet stunning houseplant that really elevates living spaces and larger home offices.'

monstera indoor plant also known as a Swiss cheese plant

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The houseplant range will be complemented by vibrantly coloured decorative pots and a houseplants care guide to help you maintain the health of your new plants.

Sarah Raven’s houseplants are available online:

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