This company is giving away free seeds to school children – here’s how to get them

The scheme turns schools into biodiverse hotspots – and is saving the planet in the process

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Seedball, the company that had previously teamed up with Green Planet to offer one million free seed balls to schools, has announced it will continue its scheme this springtime. The brand had worked alongside the long-running BBC series to introduce the benefits of rewilding to an audience of an entirely new generation. 

However, while these 1 million seed balls are now claimed, Seedball has announced it will continue to offer free seeds into spring. 

The scheme will explore the importance of rewilding your garden to primary-aged children – whilst teaching them about the benefits of biodiversity. And seed balls are a natural, child-friendly choice for the job. 

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If you’re looking for easy ways for how to plant a wildflower meadow in your garden, seed balls are a foolproof solution and are perfect for avid growers of all ages. According to the eponymously named company, this method is an ‘impressively simple way to grow native wildflowers from seed that’s easy and accessible to all.’ 

They add that these balls will provide a fun and hands-on learning experience for school children. 

What is the reason for the scheme? 

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Aside from the ability to introduce the benefits of gardening to a younger audience, Seedball’s Co-founder & Director, Dr. Anais Attlee, explains that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world – but this campaign has the potential to improve this reputation.

Once the wildflower plant is established, it will start re-seeding naturally and in turn grow thousands more, turning schools into ‘biodiverse hotspots,’ where children can discover an enthusiasm for planting. 

‘Children are the future of our planet, and inspiring young growers with the wonder of planting at an early age will not only benefit our environment now but well into the future,’ Dr. Anais says. 

How to get involved 

Seedball seeds

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Students and parents/carers can get behind this wildlife garden idea by filling out the form at the bottom of this page

According to Seedball, it only takes minutes to scatter a pack of 300 seed balls – each of which has the potential to grow a thousand wildflowers – making restoring nature child’s play (quite literally). Though, with one million seed balls already claimed, you may need to act fast to ensure your child's school benefits from this (already successful) scheme.  

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