Introducing the shipping container pool – that can turn into a hot tub

These compact pools are giving us backyard envy

swimming pool made from shipping container
(Image credit: Modpools)

A swimming pool elevates any backyard space, taking outdoor entertaining up a gear and providing a relaxing place to cool off in summer. But, for those looking for something a little different, you can now buy a pool made out of an old shipping container.

The unusual swimming pools are sleek and modern, and give disused containers a whole new lease of life. As backyard pool ideas go, this is one of the quirkiest we have seen – along with the stock tank pool – but the more we find out about it, the more we want one.

swimming pool made from shipping container with window

(Image credit: Modpools)

Paul Rathnam, owner of Vancouver-based company Modpools, says the idea came from a vacation he and his family had. It was while travelling that they experienced the laid-back Palm Springs lifestyle and came across a hot tub that merges into a pool. 

'We noticed that the more we vacationed, the more we saw this common theme, that pools were getting smaller, more compact, and they started looking a lot like a container,' comments Paul.

These upcycled pools bring an industrial feel, and can be made to the exact size and shape to fit even the smallest of backyards. The best backyard ideas blend form and function, and shipping container pools have great aesthetics and practical components.

paved area with loungers and container swimming pool and hot tub

(Image credit: Modpools)

There are lots of custom features you can add, including a sliding, dividing wall to separate it into a pool and hot tub. You can also add 'windows' on the side of the pool, or make it into an infinity pool. 

Unlike traditional pools, these can be up and running the very day they arrive. From start to finish, the process of getting a shipping container pool will take between 8 and 18 weeks. So, as long as you plan ahead around four months, you can ensure it's in place in time for the warmer weather. 

Another plus side is that you can take it with you if you move house. And, with some elegant pool landscaping ideas, it will easily look at home in your new or existing backyard.

container swimming pool with window in backyard

(Image credit: Modpools)

The settings of these pools can be adjusted from your smartphone, so if you want to change the temperature, lighting or the power of the jets, you can do so on an app. The pools can be installed above ground, in-ground or in-between, depending on what suits your space and what kind of terrain you have. 

Our homes have come to play an even more crucial role in our well-being in recent times, and many of us are seeking ways to give them a vacation feel. These unique pools are certainly ticking a lot of boxes.

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