Meet Tertill the weeding robot – and never weed your garden yourself again

The new robot that will weed your garden – and is completely solar powered

Tertill the weeding robot
(Image credit: Tertill)

Meet Tertill the weeding robot. If it looks more than a little like Roomba the moving vacuum cleaner, it's because it has been developed by the same people. 

We all know that reaching for the best weed killer isn't always the best option, especially you are trying to maintain a chemical-free garden. Also, in a garden without a lawn, weeding can become a time-consuming task because of all the different areas you need to be able to reach.

Which is where Tertill comes in. The manufacturers explain that the clever little robot not only cuts down unwanted weeds, but it also prevents weeds from regrowing by damaging them with its slanted wheels. 

You also don't need to worry about the robot damaging the plants that you do want to keep. It leaves alone anything over an inch tall, so even if you have a vegetable patch with seedlings, once they're tall enough, you can be certain that they won't be mowed down with the weeds. The robot cuts down unwanted weeds by using a fine nylon thread, so it can tackle even very small weeds that are just sprouting. 

If you do have a very small plant you'd like to keep – perhaps something you planted late in the season – you can place a special plant collar provided with the robot, and it will leave the plant alone. 

Tertill the weeding robot

(Image credit: Tertill/Amazon)

What we really like about it, though, is that this robot is completely solar-powered and doesn't need any special operation instructions or complex set-up. You just press the 'on' button and it begins rolling around your garden. And if you live in an area with wet, cloudy winters, it will still work, because its solar panel collects energy even on cloudy days. The robot itself is waterproof, so you don't need to worry about bringing it inside. 

We're really impressed with this little guy and can't wait to test it in our gardens to see how it successful it is with how to get rid of weeds. Let's face it – no one likes pulling weeds, especially in larger gardens, so we suspect that this device will become very popular once it has a wider distribution (we saw that it's currently unavailable on Amazon). 

If you love the idea of having even more of a helping hand in the garden so you can cut down the time you spend on gardening tasks, why not add one of the best robot lawn mowers to your wishlist too?

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