Samsung's new launch promises to revolutionize outdoor movie nights

The smart projector can be used anywhere and is sure to transform outdoor entertaining

samsung new projector called the freestyle
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung recently launched The Freestyle, a sleek, high-tech projector you can use on the go, and it's available to pre-order now. The best outdoor projectors take outdoor entertaining up a notch, transforming the walls of your backyard into a screen.

We predict this lightweight, versatile option, which debuted at CES 2022, is about to revolutionize our outdoor movie nights.

samsung new projector called the freestyle

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Freestyle by Samsung

The Freestyle (which retails at $899.99/£999) is a compact projector that will give you a sharp image and a straight screen wherever you are. What makes it special is the fact it will adjust its screen to any surface at any angle, providing a perfectly proportional image.

Project your favorite Wes Anderson movie onto tables, floors, walls or even ceilings, without the need for a separate screen. The sound is impressive, too: it has 360-degree sound radiation allowing customers to enjoy a cinema-quality sound experience indoors or out. 

As we look ahead to the warmer months, we can see this projector being a hugely popular addition to a garden party.

samsung new projector called the freestyle

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Freestyle connects to your smartphone through the SmartThings app or AirPlay2, and it will mirror your phone with no need for cables. It also has built-in streaming services, mirroring, and casting compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices. 

You can even use it to project your phone's screen onto your ceiling if you so wish. Its flexible stand allows you to adjust the angle by up to 180-degrees in a few easy clicks – and can project from 17in to 100in

When not being used for movie marathons, this good-looking device from Samsung works as a smart speaker, handy on camping trips or out in the garden. It also creates mood lighting with its translucent lens cap.

samsung freestyle projector

(Image credit: Samsung)

The device connects to mains, but you can use it on the go with batteries or a USB-PD power bank with a 50W/20V output or above. At just 830 grams, it weighs about the same as two cans of Coke so it certainly won't weigh you down. 

Whether it's an automatic watering system or smart garden lighting, garden gadgets such as these mean we can really enjoy our outdoor spaces as an extension of the interior. The Freestyle is available to pre-order on the Samsung website in both the US and the UK until 15th February 2022. 

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