Best mouse trap

These are the best mouse traps to help stop rats and mice in their tracks.

best mouse trap
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The best mouse traps are essential for dealing with a mouse problem. The pesky critters can sneak into your home, chew through anything from food to electrical wires, and leave behind unsightly droppings and a pungent urine smell. While there is no shortage of mouse traps on the market, the real problem lies in finding one that actually works. Here are some great options to stop these elusive rodents.

Best overall

Catchmaster 72MAX pest trap

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Catchmaster 72MAX pest traps

Best glue option

There's no need for bait with this sticky set.


  • Pre-baited
  • Non-toxic
  • Huge catching surface


  • Only works for juvenile mice

This set of Catchmaster traps includes 36 peanut butter-scented glue boards that you don't have to bait or struggle to set. They are great for both indoor or outdoor use and sleek enough to fit into small spaces. Each board measures about 8.5-by-5.25 inches, which is big enough to hold more than one mouse at a time. Note: always keep them out of reach of children and pets because they're quite sticky.

Snap trap

Tomcat press 'n set mouse trap

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Tomcat Press 'N Set mouse traps

These can be reused a number of times

Set up these unbeatable traps with your favorite bait to lure mice in.


  • 2 and 14-trap sets
  • Easy to use
  • Grab-tab for no-touch disposal


  • May misfire or spring early occasionally

The Tomcat Press 'N Set mouse trap takes the guesswork out of trapping mice. After baiting the trap and placing it in a mouse's path, simply press down on the round pedal until you feel some resistance. The spring-loaded trap door instantly activates and snaps shut once the rodent takes the bait. Thanks to a built-in release tab and carry handle, you can easily dispose of your catch with no mess.  


CaptSure original humane mouse traps

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CaptSure original humane mouse traps

Safe around kids and pests

These units use a catch and release mechanism, so you can capture rodents without inflicting any harm on them.


  • Reusable multiple times
  • No-kill option
  • Safe around pets and kids


  • Could be slightly larger

CaptSure mouse traps are a humane alternative to traditional mouse traps that use poison, glue, or electricity. All you need is a little peanut butter to lure the rodent into the trap. Besides caging mice, they also work great for voles, gophers, hamsters, and other similar-sized rodents. And, the traps offer no-touch disposal of the catch, perfect for protecting you and your family from any disease-carrying rodents.

A classic

Victor metal pedal mouse traps

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Victor metal pedal mouse traps

Simple and effective

Pedal-operated springs have been around for ages, and I must say they still work just fine.


  • Reusable
  • Simple yet effective
  • Pretty affordable


  • Could misfire on select occasions

The Victor metal pedal mouse trap may not be the most humane way of catching mice, but it does work fast and effectively. The unique bait pedal releases the bar when pressure is applied for an instant snap, leaving no chance for the mouse to escape. Since no chemicals are used with this trap, it can be used in food processing areas with a mouse problem. This pack includes four.

Marvelous reliability

Thanos electric rat trap

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Thanos electric rat trap

Patrol the house with Thanos

A little electric trap that gives you a competitive advantage in the war against mice and other small rodents.


  • No-touch disposal
  • Rechargeable battery
  • No-escape design
  • Battery life indicator


  • Electric shock if mishandled

With the Thanos electric rat trap, you get to exterminate mice and other pesky rodents in a rather humane way. Simply bait the trap and position it strategically. Once a mouse enters and steps onto the metal plates, electricity will travel through the metal plates and shock the mouse. It runs on a rechargeable battery that can last for 20 to 30 uses. The trap is pretty accurate and includes a no-touch disposal mechanism.

Bottom line

The truth is, there are so many mouse traps on the market. Considering how elusive mice are, you need one that actually works. Glue boards or sticky pads like the Catchmaster 72MAX pest traps are some of the most effective options. You get 36 boards with a decent holding capacity, great for nabbing rodents and pests without the need for chemicals. 

If you prefer the traditional snap traps, look no further than Tomcat Press 'N Set mouse traps. They feature a press-to-set design for easy setup and a grab tab for fast, no-touch disposal.

Unlike its older name-sake who thrives on apocalyptic destruction, Thanos electric rat trap has a knack for friendlier resolutions. It's a reliable electric mouse trap with a no-see and no-touch mechanism, perfect for winning the war against rodents.

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