Drought-tolerant landscaping could be the secret to selling your house

Selling your home this year? A realtor argues that drought-tolerant landscaping could help secure a sale

drought-tolerant plants
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Drought-tolerant landscaping gives you the vibrant color and fragrance of a standard yard, and none of the hard work watering plants or setting up sprinklers through the hot summer months. So when a renowned real estate agent told us that incorporating the best drought-tolerant plants into your landscaping will go down well with prospective buyers, it made perfect sense

Juliette Hohnen of Douglas Elliman was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 Realtors in the US. She shared her drought-tolerant landscaping tip, arguing that it can in fact help you sell your house faster.

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Drought-tolerant landscaping tip

'Some people love drought-resistant landscaping,' Juliette says when discussing how much your garden adds value to your house. On her list of things to avoid in your yard if your home's on the market are weeds, too many overhanging branches, and unsightly barren areas.

'In areas where droughts are frequent, having drought-tolerant landscaping ideas is very appealing to many buyers,' Juliette shares. 'Of course, a lot of what you should do depends on where you live, what kind of yard you have, and what kind of price point you are selling in.'

For instance, although drought-tolerant yards will appeal to many buyers, it matters less in high-end luxury homes. If gardeners typically maintain the gardens (as opposed to the homeowners themselves), high-maintenance plants and yards are not a downside.

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A yard that looks after itself has huge benefits for those who spend long periods abroad in second homes or on vacation during the year. Not to mention the fact it's environmentally friendly, using far less water than a standard lawn.

Drought-tolerant landscaping can narrow down your options when it comes to bringing your favorite garden design ideas to life. But you'd be surprised how many popular varieties (that aren't succulents) grow happily in very dry conditions – Mediterranean plants being some of them.

drought-tolerant plants

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Whimsical hollyhocks, bold euphorbias, a statement olive tree or even a vivid red hot poker will all survive in areas with little rainfall. Add height with different types of ornamental grass and look up tough plants to lower your water bill for lots of low-maintenance options.

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