This IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard hack is a must-try for houseplant fans

This IKEA staple has been transformed into a stylish living wall – and it's refreshingly easy to recreate

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard hack
(Image credit: Dani Sandels / @danisdomain)

Looking for a new way to elevate your houseplants? This IKEA SKÅDIS hack is the answer.

The SKÅDIS may be synonymous with student bedrooms and home offices, but one designer has brought this pegboard into the world of biophilia by creating a wall full of greenery. The result is striking, stylish, and refreshingly simple, the perfect indoor garden idea

The hack comes from Surrey-based designer Dani Sandels (@danisdomain), who paired her SKÅDIS with her best indoor plants – to create a plant-lovers haven in her Georgian home. Here's how you can do the same.


IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard hack

(Image credit: Dani Sandels / @danisdomain)

Before the transformation, Dani explains that she had a 'slightly awkward, empty wall space' that separated the living room and entryway. However, the designer wanted to pull the space together and create a 'living wall' that would bring life to the space – whilst blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. 

Dani purchased three SKÅDIS pegboards before painting her walls in White Cotton by Dulux. She then attached the three pegboards to the wall – making sure to fit them closely together to cover the empty space. 

The designer then used shelves, containers, and hooks to fill the boards with houseplants that are easily interchangeable. 

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard hack

(Image credit: Dani Sandels / @danisdomain)

'They're also really easy to change around and offer different styling opportunities,' Dani says. 'I bought these ones on a bit of a whim, but they're perfect for fulfilling my super easy living wall needs.'

The result is an abundant celebration of the biophilic design trend – and you can easily replicate the look in homes of all sizes. Dani adds that this houseplant corner remains one of her favorite views at home – and it's easy to see why. 

This hack has inevitably picked up a lot of attention on Instagram, where Dani's followers have labeled the space as a 'plant heaven'. 

The post is inspiring – but you can also make this indoor plant idea your own by making use of both sides of the pegboard. We recommend filling both sides with plants to create an organic divider for a desk or table. With this SKÅDIS hack, the combinations are endless.

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