This flatpack backyard office can be assembled in one day - and it looks amazing

A mini-architectural masterpiece, this DIY backyard office promises to be the ultimate building block project for adults

Home office in garden
(Image credit: WorkPod by Autonomous)

No space for a home office inside? A company has created the WorkPod, a stylish DIY backyard office kit you can build in less than 24 hours. 

The last year has seen interest in garden office ideas explode as many of us turned to remote working. However, finding the time to install one can be tricky, but with the WorkPod there's no excuse.

The WorkPod by Autonomous promises that its pod can be built by two people in less than a weekend. 

Home office in woods

(Image credit: WorkPod by Autonomous)

In theory, you could build it on Sunday and be working from it on Monday. But we imagine this garden room is a little trickier to put together than your average flat-pack table (you might want to start building on Saturday realistically). 

This isn't simply a shed shell made out of a few planks of wood and you're done. The elegantly designed space is a mini architectural masterpiece and fully equipped with everything you'd expect in a home office.

The WorkPod is a 98-square-foot structure and features a stylish angular roof, floor-to-ceiling windows and is made to last out of sturdy oak, walnut, and aluminum. It is also soundproof and comes pre-wired with air conditioning, warm lighting, and outlets to plug in any appliances. 

All you need to do is plug the pod into your main source of power, and away you go.

backyard office with standing desk

(Image credit: WorkPod by Autonomous)

Autonomous designed the Pod to be able to sit for years on concrete, gravel, grass and brick. It should also mostly not require a permit, however, it is best to check the regulations where you live. 

If it sounds too good to be true there is one snag - the price tag. At $21,000 the WorkPod doesn't come cheap, but it's less than what it would cost to get a contractor in to help build such a smart-looking pod in your backyard

You can purchase an empty pod for $19K, that you can kit out yourself or turn into a pod for another purpose. Alternatively, if you're a keen cyclist, the company offers a cycling pod with an indoor cycle included for $19,399.

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