Best time to buy a lawn mower: tips on when to invest in a new buy

Discover the best time to buy a lawn mower so you can keep your lawn in great shape all year round

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Finding the best time to buy a lawn mower could mean getting yourself a new design before the growing season resumes in spring. Or maybe you want to invest in a new model so you can ensure the garden’s tidy at the end of a busy summer.

Perhaps you have an eye for a deal, though. In which case you’ll want to know when you can pick up a bargain to keep grass looking neat and healthy.

But whether you like the idea of shopping for the best lawn mower when there’s maximum choice or you want to maximize savings instead, we’ve got the lowdown on the best time to buy a lawn mower together with advice from the experts.

The best time to buy a lawn mower

In many climate zones, the best time to buy a lawn mower will be so it’s ready for the first mow of the year when temperatures have risen sufficiently for grass to leave its state of dormancy and begin growing again. 

‘The grass cutting season in the UK usually starts at the beginning of March, though this can be weather dependent,’ says Stephen Irvine, Husqvarna UK dealer sales manager. 

‘Therefore, in terms of buying a lawn mower, you need to be thinking about your purchase a few months before this, preferably at the beginning of the year to give yourself enough time to review products and make sure you have the correct mower for your needs. 

‘A traditional walk-behind mower might be right for you, or one of the best robot lawn mowers that can be controlled remotely may be a better choice for your lifestyle. A stockist/dealer will always recommend the best product for your garden size and complexity. Robotic mowers can be purchased and set up at any time of the year. 

‘In terms of stock levels of lawn mowers, particularly at Husqvarna dealers, they tend to be the highest between January and April.’

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Gary Whitney, managing director of STIGA UK advises: ‘New lawn mower models will be in store and available online in the UK from March. This gives ample time for garden owners to familiarize themselves with any new equipment before the lawn mowing season opens up with some warmer spring weather.’

At Gardeningetc, we know that gardeners start their lawn mower buying research from late February with peak interest between April and the end of May although it’s April that sees the most people actually snapping up a new mower as they get ready to tackle their spring lawn care. Our advice? ‘Think about timing your buy around March 7th,’ says Beth Murton, editor of Gardeningetc. ‘You can be sure there’s plenty of stock, and you’ll get in before the crowds so they don’t beat you to your favorite model.’ 

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When to buy a riding or zero turn mower?

Wondering about the best time to buy a riding mower? Again, spring means stores will be well stocked with the best riding mowers, offering plenty of choice. And if you’ve fallen for a design that will turn on a dime, the best time to buy a zero turn mower is also spring so you can be confident of availability. 

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Save on a lawn mower

If you're more interested in grabbing one of the top lawn mower deals, it could be worthwhile shopping in the summer. ‘Lowe’s offers special values in-store and online every day, but during the warmer months, customers can find deals on products from brands customers know and trust like Weber and Char-Broil smokers and grills, patio sets, outdoor décor, tools and outdoor power equipment from top brands like EGO, Craftsman and Honda,’ says Colette Gelman of Lowe’s.

Alternatively, you might want to follow the lead of the buyers we at Gardeningetc see looking for a new lawn mower at the end of August. The grass-cutting season is starting to come to an end for many, so this month and September are when you’ll want to tidy up the yard. 

But aside from letting you tackle your autumn lawn care and preparing for winter, this could be the best time to buy a lawn mower because there are bargains to be had as stores begin to create space for the items that are going to be necessary to keep the yard clear in winter. You might not see the large lawn mower range that spring offered, but grabbing a bargain is definitely possible. 

And if saving is the goal, bear in mind, too, that while many won’t be using a mower by the time it comes around, Black Friday garden deals are a fabulous opportunity to get a great offer on a lawn mower. Make sure you get in quickly, though, because we at Gardeningetc know that there are plenty of like-minded gardeners on the hunt at the same time.

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