The surprising landscaping trick that can help to burglar-proof your home

The simple tip might make your house a lot less appealing to intruders

gravel outside a house
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Lots of us are planning a holiday over the next couple of months, leaving our homes and gardens for longer than we have all year. As well as making sure our garden and houseplants don't dry out, we want to ensure our homes are secure as possible.

With that in mind, a handy tip for your landscaping ideas could be just what you need. Homes expert Richard Petrie from blinds, shutters and curtains retailer Thomas Sanderson has shared some landscaping advice that might just help to keep your home safe from intruders.

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'Laying down gravel in your garden or in front of any windows makes it hard for an intruder to get close to your house without being heard,' says Richard.

Gravel might simply work as a deterrent because it instantly makes approaching your windows more risky. Thieves will want to avoid being seen or heard at all costs, and the familiar crunch of gravel underfoot could give them away.

If you've already been considering laying some gravel in your outdoor space for its aesthetics, take a look at our garden gravel ideas roundup for inspiration. Gravel is one of the many low-maintenance garden ideas that's ideal for those with small spaces and who don't have time to tend a lawn.

front door of home with gravel

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Richard also shared a visual deterrent to help burglar-proof your home. If you are going away, it could also be a good opportunity to have your garden hedges cut back. 'Trimming large bushes will leave a burglar more exposed to those passing and neighbors,' Richard explains.

This does mean you make your garden feel a little more public, but it could be a small price to pay. If you're looking for ways to make a more secluded garden, head to our garden privacy ideas.

No hedges and nowhere to lay gravel outside your home? You could try installing outdoor lights by your front door too. 

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Those triggered by motion are likely to make a burglar think twice, as it could attract unnecessary attention. 'Having alarms on your main entry points will mean that if a burglar manages to break into your house, they won’t be stopping around much longer,' Richard points out.

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