The world's most popular garden renovation project of 2021 revealed

Have you taken on this garden project this year?

pergola with dining table in a back garden
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Those of us with an outdoor space have had plenty of time this year to work towards creating our dream gardens. As soon as you begin weighing up potential garden design ideas for the space you have, you realize just how many possibilities there are.

Naturally, the choice involves identifying the main thing you want from your garden, whether that's homegrown vegetables all year round, a secluded place to read surrounded by wildflowers, or an outdoor living area as cozy as the inside of your home.

Now the world's favorite ways to spruce up their outdoor spaces have been revealed, based on Google search data. Topping the list across the world is, in fact, the pergola.

pergola and outdoor sofa in a garden

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Flowercard has analyzed which garden projects we have been Googling most over the past twelve months, both in the UK and across the world. Globally, pergolas are a huge trend, with 18,876,000 annual searches.

Pergolas were followed by 'landscaping,' with 14,760,000 annual searches, 'fire pit,' at 13,859,000, 'greenhouse,' 12,586,000, and 'bird boxes,' 10,627,000.

While it only took third place in the UK, the pergola was, surprisingly, the most-loved garden renovation in the world, with just under 19 million searches. 

mown garden path with lots of flowers

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We might have guessed outdoor kitchens and outdoor living rooms would have been top of the list, but pergola ideas actually have many advantages. Not only do they offer great shade from the sun and make for a striking focal point, but the challenge of learning how to build a pergola will have made for a rewarding lockdown project.

For those looking to really change things up in the garden, there were just under 15 million searches for landscaping around the world in the last year. Whether planting new blooms or changing the entire layout of your space, improving your landscaping ideas has clearly been on the agenda for many, ranking as the second most popular garden renovation.

Other big garden features and renovations included egg chairs, outdoor rugs, patio heaters, summer houses and garden sheds.

fire pit in a garden with outdoor seating

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In the UK, millions of people searched for the best fire pits for their gardens, and summer houses have been having a moment with workers-from-home seeking solace outside. Composite decking, chimineas and the divisive artificial grass all seem to remain at the forefront, too.

Millie Hurst
Millie Hurst

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