Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis

Editor in Chief, Homes Ecommerce

Lindsey is Editor in Chief for Homes Ecommerce, working on Gardeningetc, Livingetc, Real Homes, Ideal Home and Homes & Gardens. Her day job consists of working with her team to help readers find the best products for their homes and gardens. As one of the only review team members with a lawn, she has (by default) become the house expert on lawn mowers, having tested several over the years, plus other garden tools including strimmers and pressure washers.

Her mother did a combined degree in chemistry and botany, so Lindsey grew up in a home surrounded by plants. She probably did not fully appreciate this as a child – perhaps frustrated that the number of house plants and saplings in the kitchen took away vital baking space – but has started nurturing her own green thumb in her cottage garden. The space is narrow but long, and every year she sets herself a mission to 'sort out' at least one section of it. However, she has really got into the principles of rewilding (if not in part due to the convenience of it) and is allowing native species to flourish, working by the premise that if the bees like it, she likes it.

Lindsey is willing to turn her hand at everything from veg growing to hard landscaping and will pass her newly gained knowledge along in the process. She is currently attempting the no-dig method and is thinking about building a pond to encourage slug-eating predators. 

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