Best mini greenhouse: find the perfect design for your small space

Our pick of the best mini greenhouses are just the ticket for compact spaces

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blue mini greenhouse in a garden with plant pots and a watering can
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The best mini greenhouse will do the exact same job as a regular greenhouse, just in a much smaller footprint, making them a perfect choice for small patios or balconies. Whether you're looking for a simple way to protect your plants from frost or want to grow seedlings before planting them out in the garden, a mini greenhouse could be just what you need to up your garden game. 

There are many different types available, from inexpensive metal shelves with plastic zipped covers, to smart wooden designs and even cold frames which sit on the ground. Whatever your space, style or budget, there's a mini greenhouse for you.

So don't let the size of your plot hold you back. Read on for our edit of the best mini greenhouses, then check out our best sheds buying guide if you're after more storage space for all your garden essentials.  

Best mini greenhouse 

mini greenhouse in grey

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1. Timber Grozone Coldframe

Best overall style: a stylish mini greenhouse for small plants and seedlings

Material: Timber frame and polycarbonate panels
Size: H40xW100xD65cm
Reasons to buy
+Protecting young plants and seedlings throughout the winter months+Stylish grey design
Reasons to avoid
-Need to bend down to open

Want a mini greenhouse to protect your most delicate plants when they need it most, without impacting your garden's appearance? Here's why we love this design:

Stylish looks

If you're looking for a mini greenhouse to protect your seedings and smallest plants, this coldframe is one of the most stylish options around. Its grey timber frame is subtle enough to suit any garden scheme. 

Robust and practical frame

The timber panels make it robust, while the shatter-resistant fluted plastic panes will protect your plants. The lid allows you to quickly check on your plants – keep it closed throughout winter, or open it up in the warmer months for added ventilation. 

wooden mini greenhouse

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2. Forest Garden mini greenhouse

Best wooden design: this classic timber greenhouse has plenty of storage space

Material: Wood frame and styrene panels
Size: H144xW120xD62cm
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy design+Plenty of space
Reasons to avoid
-More expensive option 

If you're in need of a solid base to house your plants for years to come, this sturdy wooden design is the one for you. 

Strong design

If you're looking for a solid piece of furniture to house many larger plants, this design ticks all the right boxes. With two independently opening lids, two doors for easy access and two shelves which are perfectly designed to fit in grow bags, this mini greenhouse is a real winner. 

Sturdy in bad weather

The sturdy wooden frame is sure to stand up to windy days, keeping your plants safe throughout the winter months. 

mini greenhouse in green

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3. McGregor 2 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Best value option: choose an inexpensive plastic cover for a budget buy

Material: Polyethylene cover and steel frame
Size : H90xW70xD50cm
Reasons to buy
+Price+Easy to assemble
Reasons to avoid
-Not as durable as wooden designs

If you're a newbie gardener learning the ropes, try out a less expensive option first and discover your green-fingered potential. 

Great value

If you're testing out gardening as a new hobby and you don't want to spend a small fortune upfront, this mini greenhouse is a great place to start. Big enough to house plenty of good sized plants, its zipped door will protect them over winter.  

Added protection from windy conditions

If you're concerned about your mini greenhouse blowing over in the wind, this model comes with ground fixing pegs, which you can attach to the ground to keep it firmly in place when there are strong winds. 

mini greenhouse

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4. Sol 72 Outdoor Greenhouse

Best portable design: use this lightweight greenhouse wherever you need it most in your garden

Material: Polyethylene and steel
Size : H100xW100xD100cm
Reasons to buy
+Easy to move around the garden+Can be stored away when not in use
Reasons to avoid
-Limited space inside

If you've got bedding plants that need extra protection to protect them from unexpected frosts, choose a mini greenhouse that allows for that. 

Portable design

If you're after a portable mini greenhouse that you can easily transport to different areas in your garden, this simple design is just the ticket. Perfect for placing over a flowerbed like this to protect specific flowers at certain times of the year.

Easy access

Its zipped side door means it's easy for you to access your plants, and this can easily be tied back to allow your plants extra ventilation during daylight hours when temperatures increase.

full height mini greenhouse

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5. McGregor Walk-in Greenhouse

Best walk-in design: choose a full-height mini greenhouse for easy access to your plants

Material: Polyethylene cover and steel frame
Size : H195xW143xD74cm
Reasons to buy
+Walk-in mini design +Plenty of space
Reasons to avoid
-Too big for balconies

If you're thinking you couldn't possibly fit all the plants you want into one of the smaller greenhouses in our selection, go for a full-height design like this one instead to maximise your plant storage space. 

Walk-in design

Mini greenhouses can be tall too, and the height of this model allows for much more storage space inside. 

Protected from the elements

This comes complete with ground-fixing pegs to keep your greenhouse in place. If you're concerned about space, this can easily be taken down and packed away when not in use.

Choosing the best mini greenhouse

How much space do you have?

While investing in a mini greenhouse will make gardening easier and more enjoyable, you'll want to make sure that it doesn't take up all of your available space.  Growing lots of plants is all well and good, but when the sun comes out you'll still want to have enough room on your patio to soak up the rays and invite your friends over too. If space is really at a premium, consider a portable mini greenhouse that you can move around your garden to where it's needed most. 

How windy is your outside space?

While cheaper plastic mini greenhouses are a great budget buy, they're not the most stable in windy conditions, so may need securing properly if they're on an exposed balcony. 

When will you use your greenhouse?

Is your mini greenhouse solely to keep your plants protected throughout the winter months, or will you use it all year round for cultivating seedlings too? If your greenhouse will be in use all all year, a more solid wooden design will be worth the investment. 

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