The best pizza oven accessories 2021: cook your Neapolitan like a pro

Discover the best pizza oven accessories you’ll need for restaurant-style pizzas from your garden oven

best pizza oven accessories
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Combine a pizza oven with the best pizza oven accessories and you'll find it's hard to beat the taste of a pizza created in your own garden. You can create authentic Italian-style pizza and enjoy eating it in the open air – and all without leaving home let alone stepping on to an aeroplane. 

To produce pizzas that are the real deal in your own outdoor space, you’ll need some kit along with the oven, and that’s what we’ve found for you here. These great picks will help you cook safely and serve up pizza swiftly so it tastes delectable.

If you haven’t set yourself up with an outdoor oven yet, check out our best pizza oven selection. And our top pizza oven accessories? They’re all here.

Best pizza oven accessories 2021

Ooni Pizza Peel

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1. Ooni Pizza Peel

Best pizza peel: it’s easy to slide, turn and retrieve your pizza on this design

Best for: Cooking like a pizza pro
Materials: Anodised aluminium and glass-reinforced nylon
Reasons to buy
+Tapered edges+Perforated base+Lightweight
Reasons to avoid
-Not a budget choice

Admit it: you saw yourself sliding pizza out of your new oven in true professional pizza chef style with a peel like this.

Perforated peel

This design allows steam to evaporate and excess flour to fall away so your pizza is perfectly crisp.

Less weight

In aluminium, this design won’t prove heavy nor difficult to manoeuvre when you’re moving a pizza in and out of the oven.

Be size wise

There are two sizes of this model on offer, so check your choice complements the dimensions of your oven.

  • Buy the Ooni Pizza Peel

Callow Retail Premium Outdoor Pizza Oven Complete Tool Set

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2. Callow Retail Premium Outdoor Pizza Oven Complete Tool Set

Best pizza oven accessories set: set yourself up with an all-in-one kit for producing tasty pizzas

Best for: Tending the oven and your pizzas
Materials: Stainless steel and wood
Reasons to buy
+Four-piece set+Long reach handles
Reasons to avoid
-Peel isn’t perforated

Buying a complete kit is a no-fuss way to get yourself set for turning out high-quality and authentic pizzas from home.

All together

You’ll get a pizza peel for putting pizzas in the oven and taking them back out; a pizza spinner for turning them in the oven to ensure an even bake; a log hook for moving logs and embers safely; and a bristle brush for cleaning.

Good reach

The handles of these tools are long for safe working, and the wooden grips feel comfortable. 

No trouble

The tools, which are made from stainless steel, are light so you can use them with ease.

  • Buy the Callow Retail Premium Outdoor Pizza Oven Complete Tool Set

Garden Haven Outdoor Pizza Oven Deluxe Rain Cover

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3. Garden Haven Outdoor Pizza Oven Deluxe Rain Cover

Best pizza oven cover: keep your oven in great condition with this protective design

Best for: Oven care
Materials : Fabric with waterproof PVC coating
Reasons to buy
+Suitable for many oven models+Strong woven material
Reasons to avoid
-Practical rather than pretty

If you want to protect your pizza oven from rain and frost, get yourself a protective cover.

Stay in place

The cover is made from a heavyweight non-rot Oxford fabric that’s backed with a waterproof PVC coating to help it last.


It’ll work with a variety of pizza oven models in the shape shown and is 50 x 37 x 156cm in size.

Keep clean

As well as protecting your oven from the elements, the design will ensure it stays clean and ready for use.

  • Buy the Garden Haven Outdoor Pizza Oven Deluxe Rain Cover 

Vitcas Heat Resistant Gloves

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4. Vitcas Heat Resistant Gloves

Best pizza oven gloves: you’ll be protected from the heat and fire with these leather gloves

Best for: Safe cooking
Materials : Leather
Reasons to buy
+Durable+Suitable for use with barbecues and stoves, too
Reasons to avoid
-One size only

Get your gloves on for safe working with the high temperatures of a pizza oven.

Take care

These heat-resistant gloves will protect your hands and forearms from the high heat that a pizza oven creates.

Made to last

In leather, the gloves are durable, and they’ll come in handy for other appliances such as barbecues and multi-fuel stoves.

Sized for all

There’s a single size of these gloves on offer, so if you’ve got smaller hands they may not be the closest fit.

  • Buy the Vitcas Heat Resistant Gloves

Maison & White Rocking Pizza Cutter Blade

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5. Maison & White Rocking Pizza Cutter Blade

Best pizza cutter: to serve your pizza fast and hot try this minimal effort model

Best for : Easy slicing
Materials: Stainless steel
Reasons to buy
+Sharp cutting edge+Dishwasher safe
Reasons to avoid
-Mind your fingers

Keep toppings in place as you dish out the slices with this nifty restaurant-style cutter.

Rocking blade

The motion of this pizza cutter should keep the toppings in place so the portions you dish up look as good as the whole pizza did when you took it out of the oven.

Sharp edge

The stainless-steel blade is sharp, and designed to make clean cuts with ease. When the blade dulls with use, you can sharpen it like your other kitchen knives. Careful operation is, of course, a must.

Dishwasher safe

You can clean the pizza cutter in the dishwasher, and it comes with a protective cover for safe storage.

  • Buy the Maison & White Rocking Pizza Cutter Blade

How to buy the best pizza oven accessories

If you’ve gone to the effort and expense of buying a pizza oven for your garden, you’ll want the accessories that help you produce great pizzas and mean you can cook safely. These are the buys you should consider.

Pizza peel

An essential for putting pizzas in and taking them out, a peel is the first accessory you should opt for. Choose from those with perforated bases and those without. The former will likely cost you more, but they do help flour fall away and steam evaporate for a perfect base.

Spinner or turning peel 

If you like the idea of being able to turn the pizza while it’s in the oven to ensure even cooking, a spinner or turning peel will do the job.

Oven cover

If you didn’t get a cover when you bought your pizza oven, don’t forget to add one of these to your shopping list to keep your buy in great condition and ensure the outside stays clean.

Rake or hook

If yours is a wood-fuelled pizza oven, one of these tools will enable you to move the fuel as required once the oven is up to cooking temperature.

Heat-resistant gloves

You’re working with high temperatures, so a pair of gloves will protect your hands and lower arms from the heat.

Pizza cutter

Set yourself up with a rocker to make clean precise cuts in the pizza before serving up.

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