8 pizza oven accessories you need in 2021 – our team's top picks

The complete Gardeningetc edit of the top 8 pizza oven accessories you'll need in 2021, including pizza oven gifts and practical tools that make cooking safe and easy

best pizza oven accessories
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If you've finally invested in a pizza oven, you'll want to pair it with a range of pizza oven accessories that help you make the most of it. We've been testing wood-fired and gas pizza ovens this summer, so we know first-hand just the type of tools you'll need to really make the most of your new toy. 

There are the practical must-haves, such as a pizza peel and a cover to keep your oven safe all year round, but in this guide we've also suggested fun pizza oven gifts for the resident pizzaiolo in your home, as well as must-haves for making the cooking process easier. This includes infrared thermometers and all the tools you'll need to spin your pizza while it cooks. 

Keep scrolling for eight pizza oven accessories you need to invest in this year, from the top pizza oven cookbook around to an ultimate toolkit and a cover to keep your oven looking shiny and performing at its best.

If you are yet to invest, then check out our best pizza oven selection for our top-rated buys – tried and tested. 

8 pizza oven accessories to buy in 2021

1. The Ooni Pizza Peel


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If you want to slide your pizzas out of your shiny new oven in true professional pizza chef style, then you need this peel in your life. The Ooni Pizza Peel makes it easy to slide, turn and retrieve your pizza from your oven – it even comes in two sizes to suit your oven size. 

It's made from anodised aluminium and glass-reinforced nylon, with tapered edges to hold your pizza and a perforated base for a crispy base. What else do we love about it? It's lightweight to make this job easier.

2. The Callow Retail Premium Outdoor Pizza Oven Complete Tool Set

Callow Retail

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Set yourself up with an all-in-one kit for producing tasty pizzas – included with this set comes four pieces, from a peel to a spinner, a log hook for moving your pizzas around, and a bristle brush for cleaning the oven. 

With long handles, these tools are safe for use in deeper ovens, and they even have wooden handles to offer good grip – they are also made from stainless steel. A great gift for someone who already has a pizza oven, but needs the gear to go with it...

3. Delightful Living Personalised Pizza Oven Chalkboard Menu


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A great gift for someone who treasures their pizza oven, this personalised chalkboard menu can bring the pizzeria home. 

Personalise it with their name, and write the toppings you'll be offering on the chalkboard area. It also has zinc hooks for hanging tools or an apron.

4. Garden Haven Outdoor Pizza Oven Deluxe Rain Cover 

Garden Haven

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Keep your oven in great condition with this protective design – it's made from a strong woven material fabric, with waterproof PVC coating. 

Suitable for many oven models, too, and as well as protecting your oven from the elements, the design will ensure it stays clean and ready for use.

5. SOVARCATE Infrared Thermometer


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The SOVARCATE Infrared Thermometer is ideal for pizza ovens with no in-built thermometer. Simply point it at the centre of the pizza stone for an instant temperature reading of up to 300 degrees. 

This will ensure that your pizza is never undercooked due to a lower temperature than expected, and it allows you to start cooking with certainty once your oven has preheated. 

It's also great for ovens that can cook more than just pizza. This infrared thermometer can also be used to make sure your meat is cooked for the perfect amount of time, and it's great for keeping heat levels consistent by checking if you need to add more fuel. 

6. Olson Deepak Heavy Duty Welding Gloves & Heat Resistant Gloves


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These durable gloves will keep you protected from the heat and fire – they are made from high-grade pure cowhide, with double-reinforced leather palms. 

Sometimes, pizza ovens require some hands-on action. It can be tricky to pivot your pizza without scorching your hands, and especially when you're topping up on fuel, it's great to have some hand protection within reach. 

Suitable for use with barbecues and stoves, as well as pizza ovens. Safety first!

7. Maison & White Rocking Pizza Cutter Blade

Maison & White

(Image credit: Maison & White)

To serve your pizza fast (and hot) try this minimal effort cutter blade – it should also keep your toppings in place to serve in style. 

It's made from stainless steel, and you can clean this pizza cutter in the dishwasher. It comes with a protective cover for safe storage.

This pizza cutter is more consistent than a roller because it simply requires a central pivot. Crucially, it also means you won't need to hold the pizza to get a good grip on it. Even slices all around! 

8. The Essential Wood Fired Pizza Cookbook

Anthony Tassinello

(Image credit: Anthony Tassinello)

If you need some inspiration when it comes to going out of your comfort zone – not that we don't love a Margherita – then check out this cookbook. Inside lives all of the tastiest wood-fired pizza recipes – veggie, vegan, meat and fish.

Written by iconic Californian pizza chef Anthony Tassinello, this book zones in on the joy of wood-fired cooking. While it covers the essentials, it also features a lot of experimental ingredients. Perfect for making the most of your new oven. 

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