Driveway gate ideas: 10 designs that will boost your plot’s curb appeal

Our edit of driveway gate ideas is filled with stylish designs that will up your home's security

driveway gate ideas with gravel
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Are you on the lookout for some brilliant driveway gate ideas? The right one can be the perfect finishing touch to a front yard – and we're here to help with the decision-making.

All driveway ideas are important. As Leigh Barnes of Jacksons Fencing says, 'The front of your house is the first thing visitors see when they approach your property, and its appearance can impact their lasting judgment on your home.' But, adding a gate is particularly advantageous.

'While an entrance gate's primary purpose is to protect your property and vehicles, it also serves a critical part in boosting curb appeal, setting the tone for the rest of your home, and potentially adding value to your property,' Leigh says.

'Whether you're looking to sell or want to upscale your property's appearance, a new entrance gate can add real "wow" factor. Not only will it improve the security of your property, but a stylish yet sturdy one can create a sterling first impression.'

10 smart driveway gate ideas that will boost the entrance of your home

To get you inspired for your own, we've brought together some of our favorite driveway gate ideas. Whether you prefer a modern style or something more ornate, there is something for every type of plot in this mix.

1. Opt for picture-perfect details

gated driveway

This gate provides a warm welcome

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A bright white double gate is sure to provide a warm welcome to your home for both you and your guests. 

This one has plenty of subtle yet stylish details to make it a real feature for the space. We like the half-slatted design which provides security without a sense of 'boxing in' the property. A symmetrical, cross-shaped design on the bottom panels and a gently curved top add to the appeal, as do the latches and hinges in a crisp black which offer a smart contrast.

And to really impress visitors, our tips on how to clean a driveway will ensure your space is always looking tip-top.

2. Complement brick walls with timber

wooden gate from Jacksons Fencing with brick wall

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If privacy is a key factor for your driveway gate ideas, then you'll want something tall and solid. But this doesn't necessarily mean they need to look severe or overly dominate the space.

Take this gorgeous timber design, for instance. Its warm hue brings a softness to the view, and it pairs with the red brick front garden wall beautifully.

3. Pair ornate designs with finials

formal gates with finials from Haddonstone

(Image credit: Haddonstone)

Fancy giving your front garden ideas and driveway a touch of pizzazz? Then opt for tall, ornate gates like these. Sometimes called 'estate gates', they're perfect for giving a plot a sense of grandeur and will never go out of style.

And, if you want to go a step further, consider adding finials to the top of your gate posts. These designs are cast into the shapes of pineapples – a fruit that traditionally symbolizes hospitality and welcome. They add instant fun and flair.

4. Add a side gate for pedestrians

driveway gate with gravel

A practical and stylish setup

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Not every visitor will come and go by vehicle. So, a smaller, pedestrian-suitable gate can be a useful addition. 

This is particularly the case if your garage or driveway is located away from your front door. That way, you can have a separate pathway leading from your pedestrian gate to your home to make the journey more efficient.

This classic, single-swing, timber design is a great option for creating a subtle boundary in larger driveways. And the gravel will help boost the security levels, too: the distinguished crunch underfoot will alert you to any guests. You can find more garden gravel ideas in our feature.

5. Keep it ultra modern with sliding metal gates

slatted metal driveway gate

We love the industrial-chic vibe of this scene

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A slatted metal gate may be the style for you if you're looking for modern garden ideas to bring to your driveway. It offers a real sense of fuss-free, industrial cool. And note how it complements the contemporary garage behind beautifully.

This design also happens to be sliding, which is a great option if you're looking to maximize the use of space in your driveway.

6. Match your fence for a seamless look

white picket double gates for driveway

A classic choice that suits all kinds of plots

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Speaking of driveway gate ideas complementing their surroundings, we're big fans of the harmonious look of this scene.

Matching a white picket fence with a double gate creates a seamless finish that looks totally smart and inviting. It's a classic choice for a cottage garden but would suit more contemporary spaces too – particularly if you opt for a chic gray or glossy black hue.

7. Try a contrasting infill

modern white driveway gates

Infill gates offer extra security

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Gates that are constructed from an outer framework filled with internal panels are called 'infill gates'. 

The panels can be arranged to create different looks. In this example, they've been installed on the diagonal to create a subtle yet attractive aesthetic. We like how they match the walls on either side in their bright white shade.

The curved top adds extra decorative appeal. And, it's sturdy enough to up the feeling of privacy and security while keeping little ones and pets safely inside, so it's ideal if you're on the lookout for family garden ideas.

8. Add a light to one side

traditional double gate on driveway

Offer a warm welcome day or night with wall lights

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Light up the way home by framing your entranceway with wall-mounted lights. This traditional metal design is a perfect match for the gates' characterful handles and hinges. Of course, if you want something more subtle, then there are plenty of outdoor lighting ideas to choose from, including in-ground spotlights.

It's super practical and will help up the security level for your space, too. And speaking of security, why not invest in one of the best outdoor security cameras for extra peace of mind?

9. Get automated

driveway gate from Jacksons Fencing

(Image credit: Jacksons Fencing)

Make life easy with an automated driveway gate. You'll be extra grateful when it's pouring with rain or if you're in a rush.

Most come with an adjustable timer, so you can ensure that the gates are never left open. This means pets and children can always be kept safe and secure inside your plot. And, as this setup demonstrates, you don't have to sacrifice on style for the convenience.

10. Consider color

colorful metal driveway gate

Turn heads with a bold hue

(Image credit: Liubov Kazarinova/Alamy Stock Photo)

Picking a garden color scheme for your outdoor space can have a huge impact on the overall mood and aesthetic while bringing the whole plot together cohesively. Plus, it's a great way to channel your personality and make your garden feel well and truly yours.

So, why not extend your color palette of choice to your driveway gate ideas? That way, you can set the tone right from the minute you and your guests approach your home.

This emerald green design complete with ornate detailing adds plenty of character. And, it matches the fence alongside, too.

How should you choose the best driveway gate for your plot?

A gate for your driveway can be a crucial part of your landscaping ideas, so it's important to consider your options carefully.

'When it comes to choosing the design, style, and finish, you'll be spoilt for choice,' says Leigh Barnes of Jacksons Fencing. 'From ornamental gates designed to deliver a harmonious aesthetic through regal metal railings, to traditional timber entrance gates with their natural appearance, there's an option out there to suit every entrance size at any property, whatever the location. 

'Although every gate will add some degree of privacy, the level of discretion will vary depending on the design of the gate you choose,' he continues. 'First, consider your essential requirements for installing an entrance gate. For example, metal railing gates provide more exposure than solid timber gates, so if you have small children or pets, it is worth considering the latter as they provide a higher level of safety and security.

'As well as adding a statement-making finishing touch to your entrance, a new gate can act as an effective physical deterrent to any prospective trespassers or burglars,' Leigh continues. 'Automated gates are becoming increasingly popular, not only for additional convenience but also for the comfort of improved security. Investing in an automated gate will give you full control over who has access in or out, while also guaranteeing that your entrance gate is never left open. When selecting an automatic gate, you should ensure that it is installed by a registered engineer to confirm it is safe.  

'Go one step further and ensure the entrance gate you choose is built to complement any existing fences or walls,' Leigh adds. 'This will create a seamless initial aesthetic, which commands attention, increases security, and enhances the visual appeal of your home.'

wooden driveway gate from Jacksons Fencing

This gate from Jacksons Fencing includes a pedestrian entranceway

(Image credit: Jacksons Fencing)

Should a driveway gate open inwards or outwards?

'When considering how the gates will open, typically we would install driveway gates to open inwards,' says Leigh Barnes. 'It's more natural, when you are driving into a site, that the gates open away from you as you approach them. Otherwise, it could be hard to judge where to wait and it risks damaging the approaching vehicle and gates. 

'It is also important that the gates do not open over a public pathway or road,' he adds.

'However, this does need to be judged on a case-by-case basis,' Leigh continues. 'Certain driveways may need outward opening gates due to the terrain, for example.'

driveway gate

Sturdy timber gates can offer a high level of privacy

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What is the best material for a driveway gate?

The best material for your driveway gate depends on lots of different factors, including how durable you need it to be, its overall look (does it need to match your garden fence ideas?), and how much privacy it offers. Timber or metal are the most common choices for a driveway gate, and both have their pros and cons.

Wood tends to offer a softer look and can be easily painted with a lick of exterior wood paint. Solid, slatted, or consisting of beams, they offer different levels of security. They generally require maintenance over the years as the weather takes its toll. The cheapest timber option tends to be those made from softwoods, such as pine.

In terms of metal, many people opt for aluminum which is lightweight, durable, and can be finished with colorful powder coatings or even a timber effect. Wrought iron offers a more traditional look and is often used for more ornate designs, but may be prone to rust over time without proper maintenance. Plus, the classic style of iron gates won't offer much privacy. Steel is the most heavy-duty option for metal gates, so if you're looking for something particularly sturdy, this could be the best option for your space. 

Cost-wise, metal gates vary widely. Affecting factors include the size and style, as well as whether you want to include an automation function or an intercom. But, overall, aluminum designs are often the most affordable.

You can also opt for PVC driveway gates which are another low-maintenance approach and can be constructed to mimic the look of wood.

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