Front yard lighting ideas: 8 ways to give your home a welcoming glow

Our front yard lighting ideas are not just stylish – they're good for increasing your plot's security levels, too

driveway with lighting
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Every homeowner should consider front yard lighting ideas for more reasons than one. And there are so many different styles to choose from, not to mention different ways to position them.

Using outdoor lighting at the front of your plot, whether it's with path lights, porch lights, or wall lights, or even by illuminating plants or trees, will set the tone for your home and provide a warm welcome when night falls. Plus, it's important for practical reasons, and will help you feel safe and secure.

Create a stylish first impression with these front yard lighting ideas

Our roundup of front yard lighting ideas will help you find the right illumination solution.

1. Light up your front yard plants

plants lit up in front yard

This setup from Detail Lighting makes a stunning first impression

(Image credit: Detail Lighting)

Whether you have neatly-clipped topiary balls, ornamental grasses in large containers, or seasonal blooms in window boxes, lighting up plants will always make a statement. Try it as part of your front garden ideas to show off the color and form of your foliage and flowers come nighttime – you'll instantly up the curb appeal. 

And if you have steps leading to your front door, why not consider them, too, when planning your outdoor lighting design? Strip lighting can be installed discreetly on the riser, just beneath the tread (we like the look of this solar-powered design from Amazon). Or, opt for a row of recessed spotlights instead. Not only is it stylish, but it's also practical, as it will reduce the risks of falling.

2. Illuminate the path to your front door

stepping stones with lights across lawn

Modern post lights work well in this scene

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Path lighting is great for outdoor spaces, whether at the back of the house or the front. That way, you can get from A to B easily when night falls.

'Advances in safe, low-voltage, IP65 waterproof, LED lighting technology with discreet transformers have made external lighting much easier to retrofit, cheaper to run and more resistant to the elements and condensation,' says Piero De Marchis, the Director of Detail Lighting

'Retro-fitting LED lighting is of course possible and there are plenty of ways to do this. Discreet exterior in-ground path lights and spike lights angled are great lighting solutions that create interest and depth.'

Alternatively, opt for solar stake lights (we like these flat, modern designs and these upright ones, both from Amazon) for quicker installation. All you need to do is push them into the ground and there are plenty of stunning styles to choose from.

3. Create instant drama by uplighting trees

gravel driveway with landscaping lighting from John Cullen Lighting

This scene from John Cullen Lighting includes dramatic uplighters to draw attention to the tree

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

David Amos, Founder of Amos Lighting + Home, advises measuring the space and factoring in the throw of the lights when considering the best lighting options for your outdoor space.

For a larger front yard, you'll generally need more lights to make an impressive impact. You can then position them to bounce the light around and illuminate different features.

Spotlights are a go-to when it comes to landscaping with lights. In this sweeping driveway, they have transformed a large tree into a nighttime focal point, as well as marking out the perimeter of the plot and exterior of the home while showing off the textured brickwork.

4. Install symmetrical wall lights on either side of your front door

front door with lighting from John Cullen Lighting and topiary

A smart entrance illuminated by John Cullen Lighting

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

'Doors, entrances and porches are obvious external features to light, and they need it from a practical point of view,' says Piero De Marchis. 'It increases security, too, as you can see who is calling and it can deter unwanted intruders.'

A duo of wall lights, one on either side of your front door, creates a traditional and orderly aesthetic, especially if you combine them with a pair of matching planters. These ones from Amazon will help you create a similar look to the one above, for a budget-friendly price.

If you're looking for porch ideas, you could also consider a stylish pendant light, or keep it simple with a recessed spotlight in the ceiling.

For an extra boost, more spotlights could be positioned to add subtle illumination to nearby hedges or even gate posts.

5. Layer up your front yard lights

front driveway with lighting from Detail Lighting

Lights from Detail Lighting bring this home to life when night falls

(Image credit: Detail Lighting)

When considering your outdoor lighting ideas for front of house, remember that often, a layered approach is best. This means positioning lights across different heights to create a sense of balance.

Here, spotlights illuminate the architectural porch and nearby hedging plants, while a pair of wall lights makes a stylish impression while complementing the front door. 

The windows are also illuminated, which shows off their elegant form, while wall lights positioned higher up on the house and above the garage have the practicality factor and increase the sense of backyard security

There are lots of security lights available on Amazon if you're on the lookout for your plot.

6. Add character with decorative lighting

ivy solar lighting on garden wall from Sparkle Lighting

(Image credit: Sparkle Lighting)

If you're looking for front yard lighting ideas that are full of charm, then this whimsical design is a lovely solution.

Shaped to look like branches, it can be attached to the front of your home beneath windows or next to the front door, and looks especially stunning alongside climbing plants. 

It would be perfect as outdoor Christmas lighting, but there's no reason you can't add a touch of fairy-light magic to your plot all year round.

7. Keep it sleek and simple with post lights

front yard with post lighting on raised deck porch

Onze landscaping lights from Nedgis complement the modern look of this front yard

(Image credit: Nedgis)

'Outdoor lighting is an investment – if you’re going for quality it should last,' says David Amos. 'We recommend choosing a style that suits the architecture of your home as well as your personal style, as this will aid longevity.'

These post lights are the perfect example as their sleek lines match the contemporary surroundings beautifully. Deck lighting like this also plays an important role in marking out the edge of the raised platform – crucial for safety reasons.

8. Light up your exterior walls

modern front yard with lighting

Choose lights that work well alongside the architecture of your home

(Image credit: ShutterWorx/E+/Getty Images)

This simple lighting solution is unfussy and practical while having a modern appeal. It perfectly complements the architecture of the home.

The lights have been installed into a series of recessed wall niches which continue upwards alongside a staircase. This creates an appealing glow while throwing pools of light onto the pavers and steps beneath. 

A ceiling spotlight or two is a good way to complete the look and ensure a covered porch is sufficiently lit.

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