10 easy no carve pumpkin ideas for your fall decor

Learn some new no carve pumpkin ideas and branch out with your creative displays – no knives needed!

bouquets of pink flowers in gold painted pumpkins
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Fall is the perfect time for some no carve pumpkin ideas to grace your home. When Halloween is just around the corner, we all see pumpkins on sale at every store, but you don't have to opt for the usual spooky designs like every year. 

Unlike the messy process of carving faces, words, logos and characters into pumpkins – which requires a significant amount of time, and rather a lot of effort – did you know you can make your pumpkins look just as magical without using any knives or carving tools at all? 

With just a bit of imagination, you can transform your pumpkins with metallic paint, glittery stickers, seasonal flowers and foraged garden materials, and create some perfect outdoor Halloween decor

We love the suggestion to host a painting party or decorate them with kids. Alternatively, you can just get crafty by yourself, and create your own decor in time for the trick-or-treaters.

Get creative with these no carve pumpkin ideas

If you don't have the time to learn how to carve a pumpkin, there are plenty of alternative ways you can make these seasonal must-haves a stunning focal point of your Halloween porch decor. 

Jess Martin, party decoration expert at Ginger Ray says, 'If you’re looking to get the most longevity out of your Halloween decorations this year, you might want to consider un-carved pumpkins – they eliminate the mess of carving, slow down the decay process and are much easier to peel, cook and then eat to minimize wastage!'

1. Make your no carve pumpkin sparkle with gems

Child decorating colored painted pumpkins with shine stickers

Brighten up your pumpkins with some DIY glitter

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Add a touch of glitz and glamor with this perfect Halloween DIY craft project that your kids will adore. 

There's a lot of surface area on a pumpkin, making it the perfect canvas for glitter, sequins, stickers and gems. Choose ones with a self-adhesive back, or prepare to use some glue of your own (needed for these gorgeous gems from Amazon). 

It's a great way to take your pumpkin painting ideas up a notch too. Simply paint the pumpkin (or any type of seasonal squash) a base color of your choosing first, and wait for the paint to dry before sticking on your gems. We suggest using acrylic paint instead of oil-based as it dries quicker and makes it easier to clean up any accidental spills. 

2. Add fall flower bouquets to your pumpkin 

autumn bouquet of pink flowers in golden pumpkins for halloween

Pumpkins are an imaginative way to display flowers

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Why not use your pumpkin as a twist on the classic flower vase? While creating a pumpkin planter like this may be cheating a little on the 'no carve concept' – as this design idea does involve creating a hole in the pumpkin – it's still much easier than carving faces. 

The vivid orange color of a classic pumpkin gives a fantastic base to build a floral display around. Pick some fall flowers in shades of yellow, red, orange and brown, along with some key feature flowers to take pride of place. 

Of course, you can also paint the pumpkin too. We recommend going with a color that complements the bouquet you've gathered together.

For a pumpkin dotted with individual blooms, snip the stems of each flower a few inches from the bud, then drill small holes into the pumpkin and place the stems inside. 

3. Go for gold with a metallic colorblock theme 

Gold and pink colored pumpkins on a wooden table

Gold dipped pumpkins are an effortlessly classy decor idea 

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Gold dipped pumpkins are all the rage: they make fantastic decorative pieces for a fall backyard party and give a sophisticated edge to any design plan. 

To achieve the dipped effect, all you need is painter's tape and spray paint in a metallic hue (like this one from Amazon). Once you've washed and dried off your pumpkins, add a strip of tape around the pumpkin's middle, wrap the top part with newspaper and get spraying on the bottom half. 

Once it's dried, you'll be able to remove the newspaper and painter's tape, and reveal your gorgeously golden pumpkin. 

You can also go for a double dip if you'd like: follow the same instructions as above but tape off the other half and use a different color paint. 

4. Bring out your edgy side with 3D pumpkin decor 

hands and pumpkin decorated with nails and threads close up.

Pumpkin string art is an imaginative way to decorate

(Image credit: Tatyana Maximova / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Get 3D and thready with some pumpkin string art. No idea is off limits here – except perhaps your skill with strings. 

  1. To get started, you'll need a handful of nails with large heads, a hammer, some colored yarn and a marker.
  2. Create a template shape of your choosing with a marker, then carefully use a hammer to secure the nails, equally spaced, along your marked edge – about 1 to 1.5in apart.
  3. You can then wrap your yarn around the first nail, or knot it, and then start weaving the yarn around the rest of your nails. You'll be left with a gorgeous design.

What's lovely about these types of no carve pumpkin ideas is that there are endless designs to choose from – and you can try it out with different colored yarns (available from Amazon) too.

5. Create a family of pumpkin characters

funny multicoloured pumpkins with stick on googly eyes

Create your own happy pumpkin characters 

(Image credit: Svitlana Romadina / Moment / Getty Images)

'Another great way to get into the Halloween spirit and entertain the kids is to create characters from your pumpkins,' says Jess from Ginger Ray.

It doesn't take much to personify your pumpkin. Just add a couple of googly eyes (like these from Amazon) and hey presto, you've got yourself a little crew of pumpkin-monsters. It doesn't get much easier than that when it comes to creating DIY outdoor fall decorations does it! 

Jess also suggests creating animals – like a cat, or spooky wolf – by adding ears and tails out of colored card or felt, then finishing the details with a waterproof felt tip. She also says you can create something a whole lot scarier, and perfect for Halloween. 

'Try transforming the pumpkin into a cute mummy by wrapping it in paper – the options are endless, and as cute or scary as you like,' she says.

6. Indulge in the extravagant with themed pumpkins

Halloween craft pumpkins decorated with mermaid tails, glitter, and sparkly rhinestones

Push the boat out with a mermaid tail pumpkin

(Image credit: arinahabich / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

What is a pumpkin if not a vehicle for fantastical creative ideas to come to life? Their globe shape is perfect for 360˚ designs, like this stunning mermaid-tail pumpkin. Sure, it doesn't fit the typical Halloween aesthetic, but it's undoubtedly unique and totally magical too. 

It's also not quite as hard as it looks to make these themed pumpkins, as Arina Habich explains in her step-by-step guide. Make sure you've got a hot glue gun to hand, along with lots of acrylic paint colors, modeling clay, and plenty of rhinestones. 

If you make these for a particular event, Arina stresses that you'll need a few days to prep this project to make sure it dries in time. 

7. Add delicate flowers to the top of pumpkins for an elegant display

Three pumpkins adorned with lilacs, mums and other autumn gatherings

Soft pastel shades make pumpkins a more elegant affair

(Image credit: SusanGaryPhotography / Moment / Getty Images)

Though we know them as a Halloween decoration, pumpkins can also be added into soft, serene and gentle decor concepts. 

Jess at Ginger Ray tells us that pastels are a go-to for putting a sophisticated spin on spooky Halloween door decoration ideas. 'A 70s floral or more abstract repeat-all-over pattern is bang on trend this season,' she explains. Why not adorn them with delicate autumnal flowers, dried petals and long loops of trailing ivy?

8. Decorate pumpkins with natural garden materials

Pumpkin bird character made with pinned leaves, flowers and acorns

There are plenty of pumpkin characters you can make with foraged materials

(Image credit: Profimedia.CZ a.s. / Alamy Stock Photo)

For a fun garden activity for kids, get them to brainstorm what characters you can create with foraged materials from the garden. These could include leaves, flowers, acorns and feathers. 

We love this pumpkin bird creature because it's super easy to make and is a great way to put autumn leaves to good use. Just cut off the top of a pumpkin and pin a couple of leaves into each side to act as arms. To make a lovely dappled feather effect, you can use a combination of different colored leaves, all pinned to overlay each other. Use some matching flowers to make the two eyes. 

9. Create a no carve pumpkin arrangement for the table 

home decoration with pumpkins, moss and physalis on wooden table

A fall table display pairs perfectly with pumpkins 

(Image credit: Agnes Kantaruk / Alamy Stock Photo)

Make a beautiful fall outdoor table decorating idea with pumpkins as your centerpiece. Like we've shown here, you can place a few small pumpkins of similar sizes on a wooden tray and surround them with deep green foliage, perhaps scattered with brightly colored berries as well. 

Using colorful patterned ribbon, you can either tie bows around the stems or even connect all the stems together to create a sense of fluidity. Add some candles for ambience, and voila! 

10. Use containers to make your pumpkin displays pop

Vintage bird cage with candle inside and basket of white baby boo pumpkins.

Keep it simple and classy with a collection of white painted pumpkins

(Image credit: Agnes Kantaruk / Alamy Stock Photo)

What's better than one painted pumpkin? Lots of painted pumpkins! We love the simplicity of this display: just opt for one thematic color so they all match, and display together in a wicker basket, available from Amazon

Alternatively, you can amass a collection of differently colored pumpkins but group them together for a similar effect. 

What can I use to decorate a pumpkin without carving it?

There are plenty of ways to decorate pumpkins that don't require the use of knives. Paint is a popular choice, but you also can use decoupage, tissue paper, crayons and tape. 

For more three-dimensional ideas, why not use googly eyes, push pins, thread and yarn, ribbon, clay shapes or pieces of felt? 

You can also surround your pumpkins with all manner of decorative details. Play with different levels, light some warming LED candles and use cuttings from your yard to create the perfect fall display. 

And if you're wondering what to do with a pumpkin after Halloween so that it doesn't go to waste, you could add it to your compost bin, or leave it out for wildlife to eat. Just make sure you've removed any pumpkin embellishments and decorations first.  

pumpkin display with candles and berries on a wooden table

Warm up your displays with some wintery berries

(Image credit: Agnes Kantaruk / Alamy Stock Photo)
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