Outdoor wall decor ideas: 12 ways to brighten up your space

Spruce up a plain boundary with these outdoor wall decor ideas. They're guaranteed to add a personal touch to your space

an outdoor seating area with outdoor wall decor ideas including a clock and mirrors
(Image credit: Colin Poole / Future)

Choosing to brighten up your garden with outdoor wall decor ideas can be a cheap, but certainly cheerful, way of giving an outdoor area a bit of a facelift. These decor ideas can be anything from a full Pop Art mural to a string of pretty bunting. 

Use your own personal style and tastes to dictate your decor. Go with colors that you love and themes that you are drawn to. You could even use a special vacation as starting point for your inspiration.

It's true that we are increasingly treating our gardens as an extension of our homes. And walls are just another great opportunity for us to express our personalities in these spaces. Just like you would hang special prints or frames on your bedroom wall.

These ideas are really a starting off point to show you just how many ways you can enhance everything from practical retaining wall ideas to a simple dividing wall used to zone your plot, creating a space which has soul as well as style.

Inject some personality with these outdoor wall decor ideas

When planning your outdoor wall decor ideas, think about whether you are drawn to a particular color palette, bold patterns or perhaps even typography. Then plan your idea for your outdoor space and the theme you are wanting to achieve.

Charlotte Clemence, Co-Founder of YardArt UK, suggests going with your personal style and what you love to ensure your unique garden wall ideas will stand the test of time. 

1. Create a pop art wall mural with spray paints

Pop art wall mural with colourful pots

Pop Street Garden by John McPherson for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021

(Image credit: Jacky Hobbs / Future)

This Pop Street Garden designed by John McPherson of Happy Gardens for the Chelsea Flower Show 2021 is a great small garden idea inspired by Pop Art and Street Art. The colorful mural is offset against a black wall and bold planting in assorted colorful metal plant containers.

The mural was created by artist Robert Littleford and it marries a variety of graffiti and street artists’ styles. The effect of the mural is to elavate the modest size of the garden which was just 13x10ft. It gives a depth to the space by creating a background which has life and movement.

So if you're thinking of outdoor wall decor ideas for a bland stone garden wall in a small space, take a leaf out of John's book and go for a bold feature which spans the length and depth of your wall. As this design shows, far from detracting from the planting elements it actually enhances them.

Just be sure to select your furniture and planting so that it matches the wall in boldness. Otherwise you might find the whole space overshadowed by the mural.

2. Go with a Moroccan-themed wall display

Moroccan styling in pink and grey looks super-stylish. Wall in Hot Brick masonry paint,  27 for 5ltr, Sandtex. Seat in Sargasso Sea woodshield,  9.99 for 2.5ltr, Sadolin

Moroccan styling in pink and grey looks super-stylish

(Image credit: Sandtex)

In this garden, the garden decor ideas were inspired by the colors and patterns of Marrakech. This shade of pink makes a statement but is easy on the eye, too. The recesses in the wall are in bold shapes and work well alongside the Moroccan styling in pink and gray.

Sanel Konyar, a celebrity interior designer and founder of Interior Kollection says: 'Moroccan carvings and screens added to a wall can turn a drab, plain wall into something eye catching and exotic. Add ground-level lighting, positioned to highlight these, and you turn it into a piece of art to enjoy whilst alfresco dining and entertaining.'

3. Create an indoor/outdoor feel with a decorative wall clock

outdoor living room with clock mounted on wall

(Image credit: Colin Poole / Future)

Adding accessories which would be typically seen in an interior space, creates the feeling of an outdoor living space. The oversized outdoor clock here ties together this cozy seating area. 

The owner used the statement piece to give the feeling of an extended living room, and chose similar accessories to use outside. The large garden clock looks impressive in a small space, especially teamed with mirrors and an abundance of cushions.

Sanel Konyar loves it when statement pieces, such as large outdoor clocks and mirrors, are used as an outdoor wall decor idea. 'Large and vintage antique mirrors in covered, sheltered locations give the illusion of doubling the space,' she says.

4. Style up an outdoor fireplace on a blank wall

A green outdoor fireplace with mantle and wreath

This indoor fireplace was just too beautiful to throw away

(Image credit: Colin Poole / Future)

For this highly original outdoor wall decor idea, a couple used an unwanted piece from their house renovation on their patio. Instead of discarding an antique fireplace which didn't fit with their modern interior, they decided to use it as a statement outdoor fireplace idea.

They used bricks to build a garden wall that replicates the look of a traditional chimney breast in which the fireplace sits. Now painted a popping emerald green for visual impact, the mantle piece is used as a shelf to display potted plants and the foliage wreath above creates another focal point.

So if you or a neighbor is getting rid of an old fireplace then snap it up for your patio ideas and style up a beautiful and cosy hearth in an outdoor seating area.

5. Go for a rustic accessories on a brick wall

Chunky wooden shelf mounted on outdoor red brick wall

(Image credit: Funky Chunky Furniture)

For a cohesive look, it can be a good idea to make sure your wall decor complements the materials used in your wall. For example, a rustic red brick is a strong look in its own right, so any additions need to match it for strength. Something like a chunky wooden shelf will hold its own against a hard brick background. 

You could buy a ready made one, or why not get creative with some of our favorite pallet garden wall ideas and put your DIY skills to good use?

6. Add pops of color to your wall decor with lights

Pink and green hued outdoor wall mounted lights

(Image credit: Philips)

Outdoor lighting has the power to take your space from bland to beautiful. And thoughtful placement of your lights is a definite way to boost the aesthetics of your outdoor wall decor. 

Giuliano Ghidini, spokesperson for Philips, told us that contemporary wall lanterns can enhance your home’s exterior and create a calm atmosphere. 'When lighting an outdoor area, you need to create an ambience and ensure there is enough light so that everyone feels comfortable. Using multiple light sources is the best way to achieve this.'

Smart lights, where the hues can be adjusted, allow you to easily switch up the color and intensity of your outdoor wall decor ideas depending on what mood you want to create. 

7. Hang some outdoor art on a garden wall

outdoor wall art in frame on brick wall

(Image credit: Yard Art UK)

Who said wall art was just for interiors? This print is suitable for outdoor use and is great for covering up an ugly patch of exterior wall. 

Charlotte Clemence, Co-Founder of YardArt UK says: 'Decide the exact spot where your art is going up and then work out the ultimate size your artwork can take up on the wall too. Make sure the artwork you buy is durable – ours are made with outdoor grade acrylic, by printing directly onto it we ensure that it is waterproof and continues to remain fade proof.'

8. Add interest with a wall of hanging herb pockets

Vertical hessian wall feature of herbs in pockets

Turn hanging storage into vertical planting for a sunny outdoor wall

(Image credit: Jayskyland Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

This is an amazing hack for your outdoor wall decor ideas. Choose hanging storage that has pouches as compartments which can be turned into planters for a unique herb garden idea

Drainage holes will need to be added for when your plants are watered. Fill the pouches with compost and then add your herb plants.  Attach to a garden wall with hooks in a spot which gets plenty of sun.

9. String up some bright bunting

Colourful floral bunting on a plain white wall with pops of colourful accessories

White walls are the perfect backdrop for color pop brights

(Image credit: Future)

Floral bunting will add instant color to your outdoor wall decor and can be a fun way to change things up for a garden party. For other pops of color try adding pots of pelargoniums for their stunning choice of shades as well as cut flowers in vases.

The effect in this space is a joyful nook with a festival feel. Finish off with plenty of textiles in bold shades such as colorful cushions and one of the best outdoor rugs.

10. Pin up straw sun hats for a decorative display

Straw hats attached to a garden wall with lights

Never be caught off guard on a sunny day again with this wall decor idea

(Image credit: Furl)

Outdoor wall decor ideas are a fun way to inject some personality into your garden. 'For a natural, relaxed holiday vibe, straw hats make great wall décor,' says David Norman, Director of Furl. 'Especially when paired with a few plants for garden walls and crisp white, Mediterranean-style furniture. Of course, it’s also a practical solution for storing your hats to use when the sun comes out!'

11. Decorate a wall with an outdoor mirror

Outdoor mirror on a red brick wall with flowering perennials

(Image credit: Charlested)

Director of Patrick Ireland Frames, Abbie Ireland, says that using a garden mirror on an outdoor wall can totally transform the feeling of the space, especially in small spaces such as a courtyard garden. 'Adding a mirror to a wall almost creates a portal to another world as the colors of the garden and the sunlight reflect back.

'When decorating a garden wall with a mirror, make sure to think about the frame of the mirror and what surrounds it,' she adds. 'If your mirror is hanging on an older, rustic garden wall, choose a finish to match it - like distressed wood or brass in an ornate style.

'If your garden is more modern, opt for something simpler like a slim black frame or choose a frame which looks like a window. In order to use the mirror to its full potential, make sure to fill its surround with brightly colored flowers and greenery so the mirror blends into the background more and looks more at home in the space.'

12. Create textured outdoor wall decor with porcelain bricks

Porcelain tiles creating a textured effect grey wall in a garden seating area

(Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

As well as making great modern paving ideas, tile manufacturers have started developing outdoor wall tiles to cover ugly brickwork that has seen better days. And textured tiles that imitate natural materials look great and are easy to maintain. The thin layers of the stones bring a three-dimensional quality to an outdoor wall.

Abbas Youssefi, director of independent tile retailer Porcelain Superstore says: 'These Spirit Grey tiles add texture and character to any space, and are perfect for transforming tired, exterior walls.'

How do you decorate an outdoor wall?

'There are countless ways to decorate an outside wall,' said design expert Kane Hughes at My Job Quote. 'From painting the wall itself with abstract or geometric patterns to a full-blown mural, or adding a series of metal or wooden sculptures, there are no rules for what you can add to your outdoor walls.

'Popular additions include vertical plant sculptures, metal artwork, and carved wooden designs, though many people are getting more creative and thrifty by looking for more sustainable and budget-friendly ways to decorate their outdoor spaces and retaining walls.'

The trend for recycling, reusing and repurposing means that people are up for getting creative and turning all kinds of unusual items into outdoor wall art. From fireplaces to car tires, if you have the tools and the time, almost anything can be transformed into outdoor wall art.

Alternatively, you might want to consider adding a garden wall water feature. It doesn't have to be an expensive option as there are plenty of budget-friendly, ready-made options that can simply be attached to your wall to create a decorative focal point in your space. 

What materials can I use to decorate my outdoor walls?

  • Metal: This is a particularly popular material when it comes to decorating outdoor walls, according to Kane Hughes. 'It's hard-wearing and may weather less than other materials. Do always consider how materials weather when picking your decorations.'
  • Glass: This material can crack in extreme weather. 'This does not mean steer clear of using glass,' said Kane. 'But do consider whether the glass elements can be brought inside when the temperature drops. The same goes for china or pottery. Anything that can suffer in extreme weather should be removable if you want to keep from waking to broken shards around your garden.
  • Wood: This will weather over time. 'The color may fade; the wood itself may split,' says Kane. 'Depending on the look you want, this may add to the overall aesthetic. If you prefer a more pristine look, consider treating any wooden elements with a protective gloss or exterior wood paint with outdoor suitable paint to prolong its longevity.'
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