Aldi's new Beach range has just made staycation summer in the garden so much more appealing

Aldi is launching a new range to make staycationing with kids and pets more fun – and affordable

Aldi Double Water Slide Park
Aldi Double Water Slide Park
(Image credit: Aldi)

Today, Aldi launches a brand new range of garden accessories that will help you turn your garden into a staycation theme park this summer. The new range is called Beach and encourages water-based activities for children and pets. 

If you've already invested in one of the best hot tubs and want to make your garden more fun for the little ones (and the furry children not allowed in the hot tub), this collection is a must. Available to pre-order online at Aldi only from 4th July, it will bring the beach to to your garden if you are staying put this summer. 

Aldi Curved Water Slide

(Image credit: Aldi)

For many kids, one of the most fun bits of holidays is being able to go on a waterslide in a water park. Now you can create a water park in your garden too. The Beach range includes the Double Water Slide Park (£299.99, online only), guaranteed to keep kids entertained as they play. 

Or make a splash with the Curved Water Slide (£89.99, online only), offering a fun way to keep kids cool in the peak of summer. The two slides are perfectly suited to children of different ages, so you can choose one that's most appropriate for your family garden ideas.

Aldi Aquaplay Mountain Lake

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you are looking for the best outdoor toys for toddlers, then the Aquaplay Mountain Lake (£59.99, online only) is well worth checking out. Paddle the water wheel to set the water into motion and use the pump and lock gates to regulate the water levels. Children can explore the mountain’s mysterious cave, take the speedboat down the waterfall and climb the steep cliffs in search of treasures. It's a great option for one of the best garden games this summer. 

Aldi Pop Up Pet Pool

(Image credit: Aldi)

And let's not forget our furry friends. Aldi have brought out two very useful  – and nice-looking – accessories for dogs to help them keep cool in the heat and be able to stay out with their family for longer. 

Aldi Pop Up Pet Shelter

(Image credit: Aldi)

The Pop Up Pet Pool (£16.99, online only) is perfect for smaller dogs that love going for a little swim (bigger ones will still enjoy cooling off in the water), while the handy Pop Up Pet Shelter (£12.99, online only), is perfect for keeping your canine companions out of hot lunchtime sun. It provides sun protection of up to UPF 50.

All of these great-value buys are guaranteed to take your garden activities for kids (and pets) to the next level this summer. 

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