Experts reveal the houseplant we’re going to fall in love with this fall

Colorful, easy to care for and happy on its own or in a group, the anthurium is set to be the houseplant of the season

red Anthurium houseplant in white flowerpot
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A great choice for a living wall because it’s low-maintenance, eye-catching and grows happily alongside other plants too, now the colorful anthurium is set to become this fall’s favorite indoor plant

'People looking for a striking, low-maintenance choice this year, that will thrive during the colder months, will be pleased with the Araneae family, specifically, the anthurium,' says Matt Lindsay, plant expert at Growing Revolution

'It’s a flowering plant with a colorful personality, making it perfect for brightening the depths of winter.'

pink Anthurium indoor plant

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Why the anthurium is set to be big this fall

Planted en masse, the anthurium – also known as the flamingo flower, flamingo lily, boy flower, oilcloth flower or laceleaf – makes an impressive addition to a living wall, because it always looks fresh, rarely wilts and adds dimension and texture. 

'The anthurium is the perfect colorful plant to add into a living wall,' says Matt. 'An anthurium’s thin stalks can grow up to 18in (45cm) and produces leathery leaves from top to bottom. The upper petals of the anthurium are visually striking, with fingers that tower atop the leaves.' 

The ‘flowers’ of an anthurium are actually modified leaves, which gives the plant an even more intriguing and exotic appeal when used in an indoor garden

red Anthurium plants growing in a living wall

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Tropical vibes

Readily available at garden centers or online at Amazon, anthuriums are perfect for giving your plant collection a more tropical feel. 

As senior houseplant buyer at Dobbies Garden Centers, Claire Bishop believes anthuriums have gained in popularly because their vivid waxy heart-shaped petals pick up on the tropical trend that’s been dominating homewares and interior design in recent years. 

She says the happy-go-lucky houseplant is the third most popular product currently on the shelves, after peat-free compost and general foliage.

'They present a modern twist on a flowering houseplant, with tropical vibes that will instantly upgrade any space,' she says.

In terms of the perfect position, she recommends a warm, bright room: 'So they’re perfect plants for bathrooms or as a sunny conservatory plant – just make sure you mist regularly to maintain humidity.'

Anthurium plant in a trio of indoor plants in pots

Anthuriums will work well with a combination of other exotic looking houseplants

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Flowers forever

Because anthuriums flower for long periods of time, they will give gorgeous blooms throughout the year. So they are a good pick for autumn and Christmas houseplant color, says Claire. 

'And there are a variety of colors available to suit all tastes,' she adds. 'The most commonly seen anthurium is red, however, one of my favourites is the new Anthurium Zizou which has a stunning purple or pink flower.'

Will you be including an anthurium in your indoor plant ideas this fall? 

Jayne Dowle
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