Dan Pearson reveals the surprising color that will reset garden trends this 2022

The planting guru urges you to invest in this organic hue – for a palette that will stand the test of time

Green garden with a pond and plants
(Image credit: Alamy / Juergen Ritterbach)

Color experts may have forecast interior design trends for the year ahead – but which tone will make headlines in the garden? Garden designer and RHS Chelsea Flower Show regular Dan Pearson has revealed the color that will reshape landscapes this 2022 – and it’s not the tone you might initially expect. 

Instead, Dan suggests that green is the color you are going to see everywhere in the seasons ahead – but the growing interest in green is more than just a fad. Sharing his garden trends predictions with Gardeningetc, Dan urges you to follow the organic movement. 

The Elizabethan Walled Gardens of Burton Agnes Hall, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

(Image credit: Alamy / Alan Mather)

‘A color that is going to become more important is green,’ Dan says. ‘We are all wanting to reconnect. [There is a] growing movement that feeds the importance of the connection to the natural world.’ 

But why is green popular now? Dan suggests that the admiration for nature’s favorite hue stemmed from the pandemic when we sought refuge in our green spaces. 

‘During the whole of the pandemic, one of the most overused spaces [was] our green parks. People just needed to be outside in the green, breathing fresh air,’ Dan explains. Consequently, green now means more than any other color. 

Green garden with a pond and plants

(Image credit: Alamy / Juergen Ritterbach)

Plus, while Dan’s natural flowerbed ideas are set to make waves this 2022, the designer predicts that the power of green will endure long after this year concludes. 

[Green is] incredibly important because it’s like life. It represents life,’ he explains. ‘It would be my color – and I will probably give you this answer in five years’ time. 

Plus, as Dan explains, there is a green for every type of garden color scheme – and you can experiment with the color at all points of the year. 

Green garden with a pond and plants

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‘If you think about holly green on one end of the spectrum – and then think about lime green on the other,’ he says. If holly is currently at the peak of your winter garden ideas, Dan recommends injecting pockets of purple alongside the color of the moment. 

Now it’s time to go green – and you can rest easy knowing that it will dominate gardens for a long time to come. 

Megan Slack

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