DIY planters: get crafty and make this pretty tabletop display in no time

Give your garden table a new look with these metallic planters and stylish tealight holders. They're chic, cheap and super easy to make

Cement planters, gold tealight
(Image credit: David Giles)

Join in with the metallic trend and make your own gilded planters or tealight holders for an alfresco table display in the garden. It's also a great way of giving your plastics an extra use as these will help create the moulds for the cement.

We've used metallic gold paint to give a sparkly lift to the industrial feel of the cement. But you could use a different shade or even coat the entire thing in gold if you prefer. Once your cement moulds are finished it's a great chance for you to get creative with your decoration.

If you're having friends over to your garden this could make a really fun, socially-distanced activity for you all to enjoy! Find more ideas in our garden design ideas gallery. 

Cement planters, gold tealight

(Image credit: David Giles)

You will need: 

Step 1: clean out your containers

Clean the cartons and food containers with hot, soapy water and allow to dry. Cut the juice cartons in half and remove the tops, so you’re left with tall, oblong shapes.

Step 2: prepare your cement

Mix the cement in the bucket with a stick following the manufacturer’s instructions – there's no need to add sand. Continue stirring until the mixture is lump-free.

Step 3: coat the containers

Carefully pour the 
cement into the food containers and half juice cartons, until they’re approximately three-quarters full. Place the plastic cups in the centre of the cement-filled moulds and push down. To keep the cups in position, weigh down with a handful of coins. Leave to dry overnight.

Spte 4: cut away the containers

Once the concrete is set, use a scalpel to cut the containers and cups carefully away from the cement. Smooth any of the rough edges with a piece of sandpaper and wipe away any dust.

Step 5: add the metallic sparkle

Place strips of masking tape across the cement pots to create triangle patterns. Using a small paintbrush and gold paint, paint your chosen sections and allow to dry. You could also add shapes and patterns freehand for a more decorative effect. Carefully remove the masking tape and plant each one up with succulents or insert tealights.

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