This Epsom salt plant hack could be the secret to healthier growth with more fruit and flowers

An expert shares her thoughts on the Epsom salt plant hack

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'Is Epsom salt good for plants?' It's a question gardeners have been asking for years, and one recent TikTok video says that yes, it absolutely is.

In the short clip, which you can watch below, a gardening enthusiast sprays their luscious and leafy garden plants with a solution of Epsom salts and water. The video has now been shared thousands of times. 

We asked the experts to find out if it would help when caring for the best indoor plants or if Epsom salts are best saved for the bathroom.

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Given the many, many tips and tricks to be found on TikTok, it's hard to know which are worth their salt. This hack from @Ajc_cooks claims there are many benefits of Epsom salt on both indoor and outdoor plants, and the verdant plants in their garden make us think they're probably right.

So, how does the Epsom salt plant hack work? Simply mix 1tbsp of Epsom salt in 1 litre of water, stir until it has dissolved, and pour it into a spray bottle, available on Amazon. Then apply the mixture directly onto your plants' leaves.


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'As the video states, Epsom salt enhances the green color and encourages flower blooming,' gardening expert Samantha Jones tells Myjobquote. 'It’s made up of hydrated magnesium sulfate which is important for healthy plant growth. 

'It’s a great method to try!' she adds. @Ajc_cooks says that Epsom salts help plants to absorb valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous. It also helps with the production of all-important chlorophyll.

As Epsom salt contains magnesium (making it great in the bath if you're suffering with sore muscles) it helps plants to grow flowers and fruit. Good news if you grow your own veg in a kitchen garden at home, as the TikToker also says it could improve the flavor of your fruit and veg.

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In the comments, @Ajc_cooks recommends using Epsom salt on plants every two to three weeks to give them a boost. Some commenters asked if the Epsom salt plant hack works on a grass lawn or if you're learning how to grow orchids, and the gardening enthusiast confirmed that it does. 

You can, of course, also water the plants in your indoor garden with an Epsom salt solution every now and again, adding magnesium into the soil. Since you can pick up Natural Epsom salt on Amazon very cheaply, we think it's well worth a go.

Will you be trying it?

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