IKEA releases instructions for repurposing old furniture into a brand new garden feature

If you're planning a DIY project this week, check if you have any of these old IKEA pieces you could transform

IKEA greenhouse cabinets
Image credit: Robin Schouten
(Image credit: Robin Schouten)

IKEA has created a set of instructions on how to repurpose some of its key items - so fans of the store can transform tired pieces into new garden features. The Repurposeful Projects instructions include a beehive made from an old cabinet, a birdhouse, a greenhouse and a living wall.

So if you're looking for ideas for sustainable gardens or a stylish way to store your houseplants, you may already have all the necessary equipment to make them happen.

'Don’t throw out your used IKEA items. Make things new again by giving your old items new purpose,' reads the IKEA Canada website.

'IKEA’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end at our front door. With the launch of Repurposeful Instructions, IKEA wants to help breathe new life into old furniture that might otherwise end up in the landfill.'

There's now no need to limit your upcycling projects to your interior, you can give your garden a new dimension too. You can now download and print out the instructions for individual items on the IKEA Canada site

Depending on how ambitious you're feeling, you can pick between the beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects. If you're looking for wildlife garden ideas, the Repurposeful Projects allow you to welcome in pollinators and birds with its DIY instructions. 

An old IVAR cabinet can be given a new life as a beehive, and the BLANDA MATT serving bowl can be transformed into a bird feeder. As we are increasingly conscious of helping local wildlife in our gardens, we think these DIYs will be popular. 

One of our favorites is the FABRIKOR terrarium or greenhouse, because of its aesthetic appeal and the fact it's one of the beginner projects, so we can feel confident our DIY skills are up to the task. 

IKEA store exterior

(Image credit: Alamy)

Using the exact same glass-door cabinet from IKEA, Robin Schouten from the Netherlands started the #IKEAgreenhousecabinet movement. Robin has an Instagram account dedicated to them, so head over for endless inspiration for making your own. 

These are also a brilliant option if you're looking for ways to boost your indoor garden ideas. Will you be trying your hand at any of the projects? 

We think the living wall made from the famous blue IKEA shopping bags would certainly be a conversation starter.

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