James Martin's outdoor kitchen is immense – here's what we love about it

The celebrity chef's outdoor kitchen is a wonder to behold – take a sneak peek

James Martin's outdoor kitchen
(Image credit: ITV)

James Martin's outdoor kitchen is a wonder to behold, and it's giving us some serious outdoor cooking envy, even with how rainy and cold it is right now. 

A chef, author, and TV presenter, James Martin hosted Saturday Kitchen for 10 years on the BBC before moving on to ITV to present Saturday Morning with James Martin on ITV. James is known for his specialism in modern British cooking, with the food critic Jay Rayner giving high praise to his 'beautifully poised, close to faultless dishes'.

We're always on the lookout for fantastic outdoor kitchen ideas, and there's plenty to inspire in James Martin's stunning set-up. 

James Martin's beautiful outdoor kitchen has hosted many an episode of his cooking programme, and we can totally see why: it's any chef's dream. Protected from the elements with a beamed roof, it features a spectacular pizza oven, which the celebrity chef often uses, posting the very tasty-looking results on social media. He recently took to Twitter to share a mesmerising video of making a pizza, 'testing out the dough I made on This Morning'. 

But the pizza oven is not the only treasure in James's outdoor kitchen. We've spotted Japanese Konro grills, which are legendary in the world of BBQ cooking. The Konro grills allow for an exceptionally clean charcoal infusion, locking in natural flavours and preventing a burnt or acrid aftertaste. In an Instagram post, James shared a photo of an enormous fish about to be cooked on one of the grills, and we can only imagine how delicious it turned out. 

In fact, everything about this outdoor kitchen is very natural: there's a lot of wood, including a fabulously thick preparation block. We haven't spotted anything made from plastic, and this is the main reason why we adore this outdoor kitchen – it's made for a complete immersion in natural materials, great ingredients, and the open air. If we were to design out own outdoor kitchen, we'd definitely take inspiration from this approach.  

James Martin's outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: ITV)

Feeling inspired? Head over to our guide on how to design an outdoor kitchen to start planning your own open air cooking space. 

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