Never use a pressure washer to remove weeds from your patio, Karcher experts warn

As much as we love a pressure washer, it turns out it can't be used for everything...

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Having the best pressure washer in your garden tools collection will massively speed up the process of cleaning patios and garden paths, plus they’re really fun to use. However, when removing weeds from the gaps between paving in your patio or outdoor space, it’s best to tackle them with your hands first.

According to pressure washer company Kärcher, you should ‘never use a pressure washer to remove weeds from your patio.’ As tempting as it may be, the experts warn against combatting weeds in this way. ‘It’s always best to pull weeds out by hand prior to using your pressure washer as you can risk removing the mortar between the slabs,’ they explain.

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Paul Hicks, Product and Marketing Manager at pressure washer manufacturer STIHL, is in agreement when it comes to how to clean a patio. 'One of the most common uses for a pressure washer is to clean the patio, and it can definitely transform an area by removing any ingrained dirt,' Paul says. 

'However, as with all pressure washer jobs, care must be taken when operating. If your patio or drive uses sand between the stones, a pressure washer could potentially blast the sand away. In this case, make sure you replace the sand as soon as you possibly can to ensure the structure of the patio isn't impacted,' he adds.

So, although it might take more time, plus a little backache, you might thank yourself later for pulling out weeds manually. Seeing to those dandelions before attacking them with the pressure washer will keep your patio in better condition for longer. 

Patios will naturally face wear and tear over time, being exposed to the elements and having garden furniture scraped along their surface. Therefore it’s worth noting this tip to keep it looking like new for as long as possible.

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If you’ve already removed weeds by hand and you're up to speed with how to use a pressure washer, you’ll be less tempted to direct the machine towards specific areas between slabs. Also, if you’re concerned about using the wrong setting, Kärcher’s new app can help. 

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The app allows users to control the pressure of the machine using from their phone and gives handy tips for how to use your pressure washer correctly. This includes advice for targeting delicate surfaces like wood and helps you switch between pressures.

Check out our guide on how to weed a garden for more top tips on getting rid of unwanted garden invaders quickly and efficiently. 

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