The one thing that will make your fall garden party unforgettable, according to a landscaping expert

Throwing a garden party this fall? A landscape designer gives his top tip for creating an inviting atmosphere for entertaining in your backyard

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What is the one thing that will make your seasonal garden party the one to remember? You may be thinking a cozy fire with marshmallows toasting on it, or warm blankets and nice cushions. Or perhaps it's a string of lights to cheer up the dark evenings? 

You may be surprised by the one thing a landscaping expert points to as one of the most important garden party ideas

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Landscaping designer's top tip for outdoor entertaining

Father Nature Landscapes' Co-Owner, Daniel McCurry, told us that for him, the most important aspect of planning your outdoor party is actually...sound. That's right – it's the one aspect of backyard entertaining that most people are likely to neglect or ignore altogether, and yet, a relaxing soundscape can go a long way in creating a positive ambience for you and your guests. 

Daniel calls sound 'the most emotion-setting sense of them all' and recommends paying more attention to what sounds you are able to hear in your garden. If you like music, Daniel recommends installing 'an inground sound system' which will allow you to have the music really low and people will still be able to hear it.

However, a sound system is not really necessary for backyard entertaining. Relaxing sounds will fill your garden if you consistently introduce wildlife garden ideas into it. Daniel recommends 'thinking of having a healthy ecosystem' – that is 'birds, insects, and wildlife.' A garden regularly frequented by wildlife will not only be healthier, but it will sound nicer.

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Daniel recommends thinking of your garden party planning as 'a story you're creating', and sound 'helps complete it. To me, the perfect night would be the crackling of the fire, the singing of crickets, and French cafe music in the background.' 

We must say that this is one of the more unusual outdoor entertaining tips we've heard, but it makes so much sense. While everyone knows about the importance of cleaning and tidying before welcoming guests to their backyard, and many people will have thought of keeping the outdoor space warm with the best patio heater or best fire pit, completing your backyard set-up with beautiful sound will make your gathering truly memorable. 

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