Aldi's new compact pressure washer is hitting stores this weekend for under £50

This great-value buy is ideal for sprucing up patio spaces before guests come over

patio area with table and bench
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If your patio, driveway or garden path is looking a little tired, Aldi has just the thing. Its new compact pressure washer is only £44.99 and will help freshen up your outdoor areas with minimal effort. 

Handy for scrubbing up outdoor spaces before guests come over for a barbecue, the pressure washer is available to pre-order now. Aldi shoppers will also be able to buy it online and in store from June 27th.

aldi ferrex compact pressure washer

The Aldi Ferrex compact pressure washer

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Having the best pressure washer in your garden shed is always handy, whatever the time of year, so getting your hands on Aldi's latest offering is a good idea. Aldi's powerful cleaning tool has a variable nozzle, a container for your cleaning agent, and a gun and gun extension. There's also a nozzle-cleaning needle for keeping it in good condition. 

Plus, its cable and accessory holder help you to keep it neatly stored away when not in use. The high-pressure hose is around 6m long, and the cable stretches for 5m. 

Aldi's latest pressure washer also has an automatic start/stop system and a maximum pressure of 105 bar. The high pressure of a power washer can actually mean that you end up using less water than with the best garden hose. Aldi's pressure washer also comes with a three-year warranty.

How to clean a patio with a pressure washer

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If you've never tried one before, a pressure washer can be a total lifesaver when you have a large area of paving ideas to clean. Blitz away dirt, moss and dead leaves in the garden – and give your car a good wash, too. 

They are particularly helpful for anyone who struggles with a bad back – not to mention, they're really fun to use. You can also use them to give old garden furniture a new lease of life. 

That said, it's worth noting that when learning how to use a pressure washer, it's best to keep it away from any teak furniture, as the powerful hose can damage the joints between the different pieces of wood.

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Our patio ideas get dirty easily from barbecues, dirty shoes, fallen leaves and animal droppings, so having a pressure washer that you can use is a great way to keep on top of cleaning tasks throughout the year. 

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