Before indulging in the outdoor rug trend, here's one thing you should know

Don't overlook this simple step if you want to keep yours looking in great shape

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Although outdoor rugs are much more durable than those in our living rooms, they still need a little TLC. Exposed to bright light and inevitable downpours, outdoor rugs, as well as patio umbrellas, barbecue covers, and sun loungers get worn down and can degrade over time. 

This makes outdoor fabrics vulnerable to tears, or even punctures. But, by cleaning them with a product that also waterproofs and protects them from UV rays, you can keep them looking like new.

Waterproofing your best garden furniture is something you might never have considered, but it can keep it in good condition for longer. And what better time to clean and protect it than the start of spring so it's ready for when the warmer weather arrives?

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As for UV protection, we’d never spend days out in strong sunlight without any sun cream, yet we’ll happily leave our best outdoor rugs and best sun loungers exposed to those rays. 

But strong sunlight will also wear down these fabrics over time. Just two weeks of summertime exposure to sunlight will cause synthetic fabrics to lose up to half their strength. This makes them much more likely to get damaged over time.

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So what's the solution? If you don't want to be packing away your outdoor rugs when they're not in use, you might want to consider giving them a little extra protection. 

A company called Nikwax makes spray products that clean and protect outdoor fabrics come rain or shine. The Tent and Gear Solarwash and Tent and Gear Solarproof, as the names suggest, can be used on tents as well as any fabrics in your garden. It’s safe to use on cotton, canvas, and any synthetic and weatherproof textiles and you can apply it when they're wet or dry.

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Waterproofing and protecting the fabrics in your garden from the sun's rays is easy to do, given the products also work as garden furniture cleaners. So before you jump on the outdoor rug trend, remember that a little bit of extra care will go a long way. 

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