Why pot-scaping is the garden trend you need to know about

Pot-scaping is well worth trying, whether you have a large garden, a small city balcony or no outdoor space at all

pot-scaping – a range of white pots containing plants arranged on a patio space
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Pot-scaping is officially a thing, so we asked gardeners how best to embrace the trend. Much like tablescaping (laying the table) or mantelscaping (making the mantelpiece look nice), it's nothing more than arranging containers in your backyard to create an aesthetically pleasing display.

Don't roll your eyes – there's a lot to love about it, like the fact you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. Container gardening ideas always add uplifting color and fragrance, no matter the season.

display of pots in walled garden

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Author and gardener Ja-ne de Abreu says pot-scaping is a great way to add an extra dimension to your garden. 'Buy pots of different sizes that match in some way. When I want to switch up my look, I place them around my porch. When I had parties (pre-pandemic), I brought them inside to enhance my decor,' she says. 

'You can plant just about anything in them. I recommend theme plants – like a herb garden, or edible flowers, or jazz it up with a salsa garden or pizza garden. Plant things you love to put in salsa or pizza and you'll love the results.'

For our own arrangement, we would start by picking up some new terracotta pots from Amazon and head to the garden center with a list of ideas. The best cottage garden plants, like sweet peas and foxgloves, bring height and a traditional feel to your display.

geraniums on old outdoor staircase

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Alternatively, an abundance of red geraniums in pots in your backyard will always make you – and guests – smile. These plants also work beautifully alongside other Mediterranean garden ideas, like fragrant herbs or lavender. 

There are lots of options with pot-scaping, but not everyone is convinced – Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO at Lawn Love is on the fence. 'I have mixed feelings on it as a professional landscaper because it does limit what you can use,' says Jeremy. 

'Not every plant does well in a pot long-term,' he points out, 'and almost every plant is inhibited by the size and material of the pot. On the other hand, this size can create a very uniform garden you can arrange by size to suit your liking.'

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Pot-scaping is a trend that even those with no outdoor space can enjoy with the best indoor plants. A painted plant ladder from Amazon is a great way for plant parents to show off their potted house plants.

It's also wonderful for the indecisive gardener, as nothing is set in stone. This frees you up to be more creative and experiment with different combinations of plants that you might not expect to 'go' together.

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